False error message in BOINC v7.16.11

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Richard Haselgrove

Oct 14, 2020, 12:11:19 PM10/14/20
to Boinc Alpha Mailing List

Just got this error message again.

The client in question is v7.16.11, public release, for Windows 7/x64.

The Manager which displayed the dialog is monitoring it remotely, using the artifact from PR #4041, installed 15 days ago and running continuously since then (mostly minimised to system tray).

The 'client RPC password' is in a gui_rpc_auth.cfg file datestamped 20 October 2006. Yup, I checked that very carefully - it'll be 14 years old next Tuesday (the data folder was retrieved from a failed machine, about 5 years ago).

So, whatever glitched, it wasn't the password. The machine was last rebooted on 9 October, to install a replacement KVM using a different video connection.

I thought we'd sorted this out in the runup to v7.16.11. Why is it still possible for BOINC to tell a blatant lie?

Bad error message.png

Charlie Fenton

Oct 14, 2020, 7:17:03 PM10/14/20
to Richard Haselgrove, boinc_alpha email list
The title bar of the error message says "BOINC Manager (pre-release)". The client may be current, but the Manager you are using to access it is not.


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> Just got this error message again.
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