Android BOINC 7.16.16 - Status Bar Out of Date

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Yavanius Gekkō Misuto

Feb 24, 2021, 12:23:09 AMFeb 24
to Boinc_alpha Email List, Vitalii Koshura
As I was preparing to wrap up the night, I noticed when I checked my Moto X4 that the BOINC on the status bar said to plug in the phone. The time was 7 hours ago (per the system) though.. I never had this issue where after been put on/taken off the charger that it didn't update.

I tapped it and then it briefly said to plug it in as it opened up and then everything updated.

I checked the log and it starts at the time when I tapped open BOINC so I can't verify it was actually running beforehand. Note I don't swipe BOINC off the Apps quick list (at the bottom).

Also, I have seen discontinuities between other actual apps and what's on the status bar so this may not be all BOINC's fault. For example: Weather Underground status use to be linked with the actual app screen although they changed it and now the app has to update itself when opened.

David (SoCal)

Vitalii Koshura

Feb 24, 2021, 1:09:17 AMFeb 24
to Yavanius Gekkō Misuto, Boinc_alpha Email List
> Note I don't swipe BOINC off the Apps quick list (at the bottom).

If BOINC was not in foreground (the top-most application) then it's most likely that BOINC was not really running. It's actually the behavior of every app right now: if it's not on foreground (even if in list) it's paused and doing nothing in background, it updates its own state when the user puts it on foreground ('open' application again). Please note that messenger applications (WhatsUp, Telegram etc) are able to receive (and even send) messages when the main application is not running because it uses a low-performance background process to receive push-notifications and react on them. Such background activity is legit. BOINC can't use this background activity to run actual computations because it will not be a low-performance background process and thus will be killed by the OS).

Best regards,
Vitalii Koshura

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