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Apr 12, 2024, 7:32:16 AMApr 12
to dompri...@mail.ru

Hello.., Dearly respected man!

Our daughter Atia is very ill and we have no one to ask for help.

We did one operation , But it didn't help much... 

We couldn’t just sit and watch, How a daughter’s life is transformed into «Hell». One of the doctors told us to see a doctor, who specializes in our disease.., has extensive experience and success in the treatment of children with such diagnoses. The famous American surgeon Dror Paley. This doctor puts babies on their feet.

We’ve contacted the doctor. After the consultation, a treatment plan was drawn up. It consists of two complex operations. The first operation must be carried out soon. The second operation will be required at the age of 10 years. And most importantly, Atia will be healthy! We have hope. The doctor is ready to perform the operation in May 2024 at the Burgil clinic in Abu Dhabi (UAE). 

But the cost of the first stage of the operation is 395 thousand dollars. Our family doesn’t have that kind of money. We sold our little apartment and now we live at Grandma’s, It costs a lot of money to treat my daughter... We understand, That we can't handle ourselves...

You’re our only hope of healing our daughter! Please..,  help us save Atia and give her a chance at a full life!

With respect and hope, Atia's parents.

You can help with props:
1) Bitcoin: bc1psnfqwxtwuqsakdfemk8fn7aqhrc2sqfxuuvnw767jzu3yzu8ne9st9s5sw
2) Usdt TRC20: THCoDxj9Wnbie4esKc2PuCGwiRH3bBm4AN
3) Etherum ERC20: 0x0c3a1ed76890182d552d3537520424f6de778701
4) Solana: Ga46xByJRKRQh3DD8zobFQ9ejmnL4xuu1KZnFeaqnfdw
5) Binance Bnb smart chain: 0x0c3a1ed76890182d552d3537520424f6de778701
6) Dogecoin: D8hb1v7EBcRq1bZPFQ4eQkHm5bLjTZLWQM
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