New Cytoband Image Enabled for Assembly Hubs in v344

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Brian Lee

Feb 7, 2017, 7:09:09 PM2/7/17
Now you can enable your assembly hubs to include a cytoband image of the scaffold or chromosome you are currently viewing, where the region you are zoomed-in upon will be highlighted to easily show the context of your specific viewing region in the overall chromosome.  The cytoband ideogram also allows for more easy navigation, where selecting regions from the image allows you to jump from one end of a scaffold to the other.

If you have cytogenetic band information for your assembly, you can also annotate this information as well to display for each chromosome, including noting a centromere's location. By dividing the chromosome into regions and giving each section a giesma stain reference (gneg, gpos25, gpos50, gpos75, gpos100, acen, gvar, stalk) the overall image will reflect the designated darker or lighter bands.

To seen a simple example on a plant assembly hub click here:: 

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