New Track Hub Filters Quick Start Guide

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Brian Lee

Sep 3, 2021, 8:07:00 PM9/3/21
We're proud to announce a new Track Hub Filters Quick Start Guide:

The page provides example hubs employing new extensive filter settings available for Track Hubs.

The help page is divided into three sections:

* filter.fieldName - Used for numerical data
* filterText.fieldName - Used for text filtering
* filterValues.fieldName - Used for filtering by pre-specified values or categories in data

The filter.fieldName section,, demonstrates the related filterLimits.fieldName and filterByRange.fieldName settings.

The filterText.fieldName section,,  discusses  filterType.fieldName and filterLabel.fieldName settings.

The filterValues.fieldName  section,, discusses the related filterValuesDefault.fieldName and how filterType.fieldName can take various list selection methods including single, singleList, multiple, multipleListOr, multipleListOnlyOr, multipleListAnd, and multipleListOnlyAnd.

Each section comes with examples and sessions allowing to quickly click into real interactive demonstration hubs to experiment with how the settings work. The example hubs also provide a starter template for building similar hubs.

Many thanks to Lou Nassar for building this Filters Quick Start Guide and Brian Raney for his work implementing the new filter software.
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