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Welcome to the Public Support Forum for the UCSC Genome Browser

The topic of this forum is for general questions related to using the UCSC Genome Browser.

For other help using the UCSC Genome Browser:

* Mirror Support Forum (publicly accessible): Email questions to genome-mirror@soe.ucsc.edu, or search the Mirror Archives .

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* Confidential/private support (Your email is confidential and not publicly accessible): Email questions to genome-www@soe.ucsc.edu

Over the years, our URLs have evolved, leaving some of the older posts in this group with links that may no longer work. If you come across a URL that includes a “.cse", try substituting “.soe” instead. e.g. genome-test.cse.ucsc.edu -> genome-test.soe.ucsc.edu. If you come across a dead link to our old help desk server, pipermail, don't hesitate to email the list to ask for a more updated explanation.