Setting different track display options does not work in Mozilla Firefox

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Jul 9, 2021, 1:24:49 PMJul 9
Dear UCSC team,

I think I may have found a bug in the UCSC Genome Browser, specific to Mozilla Firefox. I have already searched the Genome Browser mailing list but I don't think this has been reported before. When toggling a the display of a data track, e.g. from "pack" to "hide", and then clicking "refresh", the data tracking is set back to its previous state after the refresh ("pack" in my example). I am a Mozilla Firefox user and oddly enough this seems to be a Firefox-specific problem. I tried Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer too and in those web browsers the issue does not exist (all my web browsers are updated to their latest versions, I use Firefox 78.11.0esr (the Extended Support Release used by my company)).

Steps to reproduce:
- Open Firefox
- Clear browser cache/history (or open a Private Window (CTRL+SHIFT+P))
- Go to Genomes -> Human GRCh38/hg38
- For GENCODE V36 (or any other track probably) turn "pack" to "hide"
- Click refresh
And you'll find that it's been set to "Pack" again and nothing has changed.

I have not tested every data track but it's not limited to the GENCODE V36 track only. I included that one as an example to reproduce the issue.

I hope you can reproduce the issue and find a fix!

Thank you very much in advance,

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