problem converting a bed to bigBed file

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Theodosiou, Loukas

Nov 10, 2022, 1:38:18 PM11/10/22
Dear UCSC team, 

I highly appreciate your time and support. 
I am relatively new to the UCSCborwser, and I would like some help. 

I aim to upload a new Genome as a track Hub in the UCSC genome browser. 

I am trying to convert my bed file to bigBed, and I keep getting an error that this is not a .bigBed file. I share my data at the [address]( 

I am using the new _Arabidopsis thaliana_ as a test genome for uploading in the UCSC browser. 
I have downloaded the kent Utilities as it is indicated in the tutorials. 

First I am converting the gff3 file of _Arabidopsis thaliana_  to a bed file, using [agat](

``` -gff Arabidopsis_thaliana_TAIR10.gff3 -o arath_gff.bed

Then I sort the bed file 

sort -k1,1 -k2,2n arath_gff.bed > arath_gff_sorted.bed
Lastly, I have used different commands to convert .bed to .bigBed, but none works. 

bedToBigBed arath_gff_sorted.bed arath.chrom.sizes arath.bigBed 
bedToBigBed -type=bed12+ -tab arath_gff_sorted.bed arath.chrom.sizes arath.bigBed 

To evaluate if my .bigBed file is functional, I am using the following command. 

bigBedToBed -chrom=chr1 -start=1 -end=10 arath.bigBed stdout

Which gives me the following error:
*arath.bigBed is not a big bed file*

Any help or guidance is appreciated!
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