[genome-announce] Two new curated assemblies: hs1 and mpxvRivers

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Jairo Navarro Gonzalez

Oct 19, 2022, 4:48:17 PM10/19/22
to genome-...@soe.ucsc.edu
Hello everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of two new curated assembly hubs for human (T2T/hs1) and the Monkeypox virus (MT903340.1/mpxvRivers). These two assemblies showcase the new method of how we will be releasing new assemblies on the UCSC Genome Browser. Curated assembly hubs will be reviewed by our quality assurance team like previous native assemblies, allowing quicker and streamlined releases. For the majority of users, there will be no obvious difference between the curated hubs and native assemblies.

Please note, the hs1 assembly is identical to the T2T Genark assembly hub. Unfortunately, with the database name change and the change in sequence names, users will need to reattach any custom tracks or hubs that were previously on the T2T assembly hub.

hs1 statistics:

  • Common name: human
  • Taxonomic name: Homo sapiens, taxonomy ID: 9606
  • Sequencing/Assembly provider ID: T2T Consortium
  • Assembly date: 24 Jan 2022
  • Assembly type: haploid
  • Assembly level: Complete Genome
  • Biosample: (n/a)
  • Assembly accession ID: GCA_009914755.4
  • Assembly FTP location: GCA/009/914/755/GCA_009914755.4_T2T-CHM13v2.0
  • Total assembly nucleotides: 3,117,292,070
  • Assembly contig count: 25
  • N50 size: 150,617,247

mpxvRivers statistics:

  • Common name: monkeypox
  • Taxonomic name: Monkeypox virus, taxonomy ID: 10244
  • Sequencing/Assembly provider ID: na
  • Assembly date: 30 May 2022
  • Assembly type: na
  • Assembly level: Complete Genome
  • Biosample: (n/a)
  • Assembly accession ID: GCF_014621545.1
  • Assembly FTP location: GCF/014/621/545/GCF_014621545.1_ASM1462154v1
  • Total assembly nucleotides: 197,209
  • Assembly contig count: 1
  • N50 size: 197,209
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