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New GTEx eQTL 44 tissues and summary tracks on hg19 Cath Tyner 5:01 PM
New ReMap Regulatory Atlas Hub for hg38! Matthew Speir 10/6/17
Browser maintenance today, 10/5 @ 4pm PT Ann Zweig 10/5/17
New IDEAS roadmap 20 states hub on hg19 Brian Lee 10/5/17
New JASPAR TFBS Public Hub on hg19, hg38 Brian Lee 9/29/17
new video about dbSNP resources at UCSC Robert Kuhn 9/26/17
new video: Data Integrator Robert Kuhn 9/19/17
[genome-announce] New microRNA expression barChart hub chmalee 9/13/17
Ensembl v89 released for 7 assemblies Cath Tyner 9/7/17
New dbSNP build 150 tracks now available for hg19 and hg38 Cath Tyner 8/28/17
[genome-announce] New alternative mouse strain hub and strain-specific annotations Jairo Navarro Gonzalez 7/14/17
New ucsc video: View discontinuous regions together Robert Kuhn 7/14/17
Visualize gene pathways and interactions! Matthew Speir 6/22/17
[genome-announce] New barChart track format chmalee 6/13/17
[genome-announce] New command line tool for annotating variants, vai.pl chmalee 6/8/17
New default tracks for human and mouse assemblies Matthew Speir 6/2/17
[genome-announce] New Genome Browser for Golden eagle Jairo Navarro Gonzalez 5/16/17
[genome-announce] New BLAT custom track feature chmalee 5/4/17
Highlighting Feature Enhanced for Genome Browsers Cath Tyner 5/3/17
Cotney Lab Human Craniofacial Epigenomics Hub Jairo Navarro Gonzalez 4/27/17
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