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Repeat Masker BED file Marco Matejcic 2/17/15
help 淚鱼 2/16/15
about RepeatMasker Bogdan 2/13/15
Question about liftover Jessica Grant 2/13/15
mouse lemur John Alexander 2/13/15
bed format isabelle...@iee.unibe.ch 2/12/15
LiftOver Chains panTro4 & calJac3 Sander Tan 2/12/15
psl alignment format and qstarts- qends calculation lenis vasilis 2/11/15
Custom tracks question Rupert, David 2/11/15
dbsnp of MAF less than 1 percentage Rani James, Alva 2/10/15
downloading a table with cell line information Eric Foss 2/10/15
registering a track hub with UCSC LaDeana Hillier 2/10/15
genome browser Daria Merkurjev 2/10/15
Variant Annotation Integrator - phyloP100 issue Paolo Uva 2/10/15
RE: [genome] Digest for gen...@soe.ucsc.edu - 11 updates in 6 topics Ingrid B 2/10/15
UCSC known genes TSS data Joshua Levin 2/9/15
downloading all ENCODE transcription factor binding data from a certain region of the genome Eric Foss 2/9/15
UCSC vs NCBI reference sequcence Varsha Meghnani 2/9/15
Question for converting format of file Ajay Singhal 2/6/15
BLAT mapping results Pat Hartz 2/6/15
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