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Error in blat for proteins using an assembly hub David da Silva Pires 2/25/15
Whole genome alignment of Chimp on hg19 in FASTA format Guillaume Dumas 2/23/15
BAC end sequence track on UCSC browser John Bermingham 2/23/15
inquire about gff3ToGenePred qingpol 2/23/15
Release of dbsnp142 for hg19 on the public ftp. Karel de Groot 2/23/15
bigWigToWig and wig indexing reynolda 2/20/15
How to upload multiple BAM file for visualize Jagat S Chauhan 2/20/15
Implement UCSC Genome Tools Outside Web Browser Smith, Andrew Frederick 2/20/15
External links to Blat result with custom tracks David Anchel 2/20/15
mm9.2bit H Scott Stadler 2/19/15
Genome Sofija Miljovska 2/19/15
"MGI" versus "Jackson Lab" on gene links & databases Joanne Berghout 2/19/15
CpG sites Mersha, Tesfaye 2/19/15
reciprocal best hit Anaïs Gouin 2/18/15
some questions about UCSC Genes track, knownGene table seirana.hashemi 2/18/15
Gene list Patrick Western 2/18/15
Mikle Skoblov 2/18/15
Fwd: [cbseweb] mouse tracks Branwyn Wagman 2/17/15
Problems with snp142Common table Leo J. LEE 2/17/15
SIFT prediction in Variant Annotation Integrator Celina Montemayor 2/17/15
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