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encode-announce list moving to Stanford Kate Rosenbloom 11/8/13
ASHG ENCODE/Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial Brian Lee 10/15/13
ASHG 2013 ENCODE/Roadmap Epigenomics Tutorial Brian Lee 9/27/13
Need Faster ENCODE Downloads? Try UDR Brian Lee 9/27/13
[encode-announce] Free Webinar on ENCODE data in the UCSC Genome Browser Kate Rosenbloom 7/20/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: CSHL Small RNA-seq (Release 3), UCSC Regulation Transcription Track (Release 2), UW Affy Exon (Release 3), UMass 5C (Release 2) Kate Rosenbloom 7/16/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE dataset quality metrics Kate Rosenbloom 7/10/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: GENCODE Genes V12, CSHL Long RNA-seq (Release 2) Kate Rosenbloom 7/5/12
[encode-announce] Mouse ENCODE data releases: Stan/Yale RNA-seq, Stan/Yale TFBS (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 6/26/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: SYDH Histone (Rel 3), UW DNaseI HS (Rel 5) Kate Rosenbloom 6/22/12
[encode-announce] Mouse Experiment Matrix Kate Rosenbloom 6/15/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: GIS ChIA-PET, SYDH TFBS (Release 2), RIKEN CAGE Loc (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 5/31/12
[encode-announce] Mouse ENCODE data releases: Caltech RNA-seq, PSU Histone, LICR RNA-seq (Release 2) Kate Rosenbloom 5/25/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE Experiment Matrix web application Kate Rosenbloom 5/8/12
[encode-announce] Mouse ENCODE data releases: CSHL Long RNA-seq, LICR Histone (Release 2), LICR TFBS (Release 2) Kate Rosenbloom 4/20/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: FSU Repli-chip, Caltech RNA-seq (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 4/20/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data release: UMass 5C, Pilot Regions, Duke DNaseI HS (Release 2), Duke Affy Exon (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 4/12/12
[encode-announce] Working with ENCODE Data: Hands-on Workshop in May Kate Rosenbloom 3/15/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases: , GENCODE Genes V11, HAIB TFBS (Release 2), Broad Histone (Release 2), UW DNaseI HS (Release 4), UW CTCF Binding (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 3/9/12
[encode-announce] ENCODE data releases (Track updates) : Caltech RNA-seq (Rel 2), UW CTCF Binding (Rel 2), HAIB Genotype (Rel 2), Open Chrom Synth (Rel 2), UW DNaseI DGF (Rel 3), UW Histone (Rel 3), CSHL Sm RNA-seq (Rel 2) Kate Rosenbloom 2/29/12
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