Mouse ENCODE data releases: UW DNaseI DGF, UW DNaseI HS (Release 2), LICR Histone (Release 3), CSHL Long RNA-seq (Release 3)

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Mouse ENCODE data releases: UW DNaseI DGF, UW DNaseI HS (Release 2), LICR Histone (Release 3), CSHL Long RNA-seq (Release 3) Kate Rosenbloom 9/25/12 4:35 PM
The ENCODE Data Coordination Center at UCSC is pleased to announce the
release of one new data track and three track updates to the mm9 genome

DNaseI Digital Genomic Footprinting from ENCODE/University of Washington
This track contains deep sequencing DNase data that can be used to
identify sites where regulatory factors bind to the genome (footprints).
Footprinting is a technique used to define the DNA sequences that
interact with and bind DNA-binding proteins, such as transcription
factors, zinc-finger proteins, hormone-receptor complexes, and other
chromatin-modulating factors like CTCF. The technique depends upon the
strength and tight nature of protein-DNA interactions.   This track
contains a total of 22 DGF experiments, covering 20 mouse cell types and

DNaseI Hypersensitivity by Digital DNaseI from ENCODE/University of
Washington (Release 2)
This release adds 32 new experiments including 22 new cell lines and 4
new treatments.

Histone Modifications by ChIP-seq from ENCODE/LICR (Release 3)
This release adds 31 new experiments for a total of 130 experiments.

Long RNA-seq from ENCODE/Cold Spring Harbor Lab (Release 3)
This release adds data for bladder, cerebellum, CNS, cortex, frontal
lobe, limb, liver, placenta, and whole brain. The samples for CNS,
liver, limb and whole brain vary over age (developmental stage). This
release also contains replacement BAM files for the previous ones had
the second read reverse complemented.

Thanks to all who had a hand in generating this data, and the UCSC
wranglers and Q/A staff who made these data releases possible.

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Kate Rosenbloom
ENCODE DCC Technical Project Manager
UCSC Genome Bioinformatics Group