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ENCODE transitions Kate Rosenbloom 9/28/12 4:29 PM
Today marks the end of 5 years of ENCODE whole-genome data production,
and the project is now transitioning to a new phase.  The newly
constituted project has been announced by NHGRI in the press release
here: http://www.genome.gov/27550184

The final data track from this phase of ENCODE -- Long RNA-Seq from Cold
Spring Harbor Labs (Rel 3) -- was released yesterday by the DCC at UCSC.
  Our team of data wranglers and quality assurance staff have done a
tremendous job pulling the project to completion, and I would like to
particularly acknowledge our boots on the ground for this final period's
intensive effort:  Cricket Sloan (ENCODE data wrangler and team
coordinator), Katrina Learned (quality assurance manager for both ENCODE
and the browser), Matthew Wong (data wrangler), Steve Heitner (quality
assurance) and Brian Lee (quality assurance).

Although UCSC will continue to participate actively in ENCODE data
management, we will be doing so in a new role -- working in conjunction
with the new ENCODE Data Coordination Center at Stanford, under the
leadership of Michael Cherry as PI and Eurie Hong as project manager.
UCSC will be working closely with Stanford as the project ramps up.

As data from the next phase becomes available it will be announced to
the new DCC announcement mailing list (to which existing subscribers
will be automatically enrolled).  In the interim, there may be a few
announcements to this list from UCSC regarding changes to the existing
ENCODE data and portal while the project transitions.

We will redirect questions sent to enc...@soe.ucsc.edu list to the UCSC
Genome Browser mailing list or the new DCC.

We hope you all find this data useful and look forward to seeing the
project develop in its new form.

Cheers,   Kate for the ENCODE DCC at UCSC

Kate Rosenbloom
UCSC Genome Bioinformatics