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New keyboard shortcuts on the Genome Browser! Luvina Guruvadoo 9/23/15
Human Genome Browser default changed to GRCh38/hg38 Ann Zweig 9/14/15
Browser Maintenance Thursday, 10th Sept @ 5pm-6pm Brian Lee 9/4/15
Browser Maintenance Thursday, 20th Aug @ 5pm Brian Lee 8/18/15
new blog post about Saving Sessions Robert 8/13/15
GENCODE Genes Now the Default Gene Set on the Human (GRCh38/hg38) Assembly Luvina Guruvadoo 6/29/15
New Bonobo (panPan1) Assembly Now Available in the Genome Browser Jonathan Casper 6/26/15
New Data Integrator Released! Matthew Speir 6/12/15
New UCSC Genes Track Released for GRCm38/mm10 Matthew Speir 5/28/15
Work for us! New job openings on the UCSC Genome Browser project Donna 5/15/15
New Tarsier (tarSyr2) Assembly Now Available in the Genome Browser Matthew Speir 4/2/15
New training video! Pauline Fujita 4/2/15
New GRCz10 Zebrafish Assembly Now Available Steve Heitner 4/1/15
New Visualization Option for RepeatMasker Matthew Speir 3/20/15
New training video! Pauline Fujita 3/2/15
Genome Browser store offline Sat. Feb. 21 Donna 2/20/15
Blat Your Assembly Hub! Brian Lee 2/12/15
dbSNP 142 Available for hg19 and hg38 Jonathan Casper 2/11/15
Host a Genome Browser workshop! Pauline Fujita 2/2/15
Announcing the Genome Browser YouTube Channel Pauline Fujita 1/26/15
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