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new look for the Genome Browser home page Donna 7/1/16
Updated Gene Tracks Available for the Human (hg38) and Mouse (mm10) Assemblies chmalee 6/30/16
New Way to Share Sessions - Public Sessions! Matthew Speir 6/28/16
New Official Asian Mirror Released Luvina Guruvadoo 6/15/16
new video: exon-only mode Robert 6/6/16
New GTEx RNA-seq Signal Hub available! Parisa Nejad 6/5/16
New Density Graph Feature! Brian Lee 6/1/16
new Genome Browser Gateway page rolled out Donna 5/10/16
New UCSC Genome Browser Gateway Coming 5/10/16! Cath Tyner 5/5/16
New CESAR Gene Mappings Hub Parisa Nejad 5/5/16
The UCSC Genome Browser is searching for a QA User Support Analyst Brian Lee 4/27/16
Data from the Lens PatSeq Database Now Available Matthew Speir 4/22/16
New GTEx Gene Expression Track for hg19 and hg38 chmalee 4/21/16
New Genome Browsers for Crab-Eating Macaque, Gorilla, and Rhesus Macaque Cath Tyner 4/18/16
dbSNP 146 Available for hg19 and hg38 Matthew Speir 4/15/16
New Zebrafish Promoterome Hub Parisa Nejad 3/25/16
Genome Browsers for C. elegans and Brown Kiwi Now Available Matthew Speir 3/21/16
Combine Multiple Regions of the Genome Browser into a Single Visualization! Matthew Speir 3/8/16
Genome Browser store maintenance Ann Zweig 3/3/16
New APPRIS Hub Parisa Nejad 2/26/16
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