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question about isoform uc010pch in GRCh37/hg19 Chen,Rong 12/9/16
question about bedGraphToBigWig 张炜煜 12/9/16
Inconsistent liftover among multiple species Ruijia Wang 12/9/16
visualisation of WGBS methylation tracks: how to set colors variability for a sample? Konstantin Okonechnikov 12/9/16
faToTwoBit Yeroslaviz, Assa 12/9/16
Gbib no more working : Can't connect to MySQL server... ZheFrench 12/9/16
Scale on the y axis of the signal landscape Ngubo,Mzwanele 12/8/16
Calling specific region by peakname Tunc Morova 12/8/16
Obtain the coding sequences for all human genes from build hg18 Adam Wasserstrom 12/8/16
UCSC-Tools hgWiggle out-of-memory error Ponomarev, Sergei (NIH/NIAID) [C] 12/7/16
Re: [biostar] The scores of 5th column (integer score for display) in macs2 NAME_peaks.narrowPeak file are larger than 1000 Yung-Chih Lai 12/6/16
Registering hub Damas, Joana Daniela 12/6/16
Credit of organism photos Yoshiaki 12/6/16
May I have a chicken shortcut in the gateway page? Yung-Chih Lai 12/6/16
Default effect of pressing RETURN/ENTER in track settings Ian Donaldson 12/6/16
Discrepancies in data Nitish Tayal 12/6/16
"liftover" question Anthony Long 12/5/16
Question, UCSC, miRNA prediction Keyvān Karami 12/5/16
refSeqSummary file missing Gleason, Adam G 12/5/16
about visualising MAFs on another browser. Tunc Morova 12/5/16
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