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javascript error when attaching multiple assembly hubs Michael Paulini 5/27/16
question about gene/transcript annotation Mike Gallagher 5/27/16
Annotations for a list of transcripts Guy Perry 5/27/16
Re: [genome-www] Fwd: Early feedback on install script Cath Tyner 5/27/16
Reg genome mm9 and mm10 kishore Reddy 5/27/16
Different gene versions in knownGene and kgTxInfo Yuval Nevo 5/27/16
Orthologs between hg19 and rn4 aishwarya kulkarni 5/27/16
Mouse SNPs not found in dbSNP 142 rocco.piazza 5/27/16
liftOver, invalid unsigned integer Anton Kratz 5/27/16
hg19.gbstatus and hg19.gbCdnaInfo have outdated refseq versions Simmon, Keith 5/27/16
Gong, Shiaoching 5/26/16
ENCODE histone modification data Alessandro Testori 5/26/16
adding a genome using a custom track hub - are pipe's allowed in chr names? Curtis Hendrickson (Campus) 5/26/16
problems loading browser sessions VINCENZO CALVANESE 5/25/16
Uploading tracks into UCSC Rinkwitz Silke Dr. 5/25/16
mm10 and GL456210.1 Jennie Lin 5/25/16
Getting pri-miRNA annotation Shelly M 5/25/16
Question regarding the single-base conservation score Minggui Chen 5/25/16
Inversion of SNP alleles (ref vs alt) across genome assemblies Sofia Pinto 5/25/16
SINES and LINES in dog Arumilli, Meharji 5/24/16
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