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Help in genome browser to search and annotate a particular sequence PANKAJ GUPTA 8:36 AM
wgEncodeRegTfbsClusteredV3 available in hg38? Dave Gerrard 8:32 AM
custom track bedgraph download Jean-Pierre Desvignes 8:28 AM
piRNA at UCSC Jiang,Jinmai 1/23/17
Compiling issue--possible solution. Della Sera, Dominic 1/23/17
format for narrowPeak to show summit position Nicolas Bellora 1/23/17
txt.gz file for hg38 DNase Signal and H3K27Ac I-Hsiu Lee 1/23/17
Unrecognised BigBed file format in UCSC Genome Browser Hanyun Zheng 1/23/17
public track hub Patrick Sullivan 1/23/17
query: how to select a specific SNP for the gene of interest Roshan Naik (Dr) 1/23/17
Inquiry Wessam Sharaf El Din 1/20/17
the bigPsl file by converting psl to bigPsl with current version of pslToBigPsl tool not bed 12+12 Liu, Yating 1/20/17
sashimi plots?? Stewart, Richard 1/20/17
downloading a list of chromosomal locations based on Entrez Gene ID numbers Eric Foss 1/20/17
bigPsl track in the assembly hub cannot be displayed in UCSC genome browser Liu, Yating 1/20/17
the result from BLAT Jay Yuan 1/20/17
blat Jay Yuan 1/20/17
order of expScores in gtexGene table output I-Hsiu Lee 1/19/17
Getting very strange errors Danika Bannasch 1/19/17
Orangutan chains and nets from/to human hg38 Francesca Antonacci 1/19/17
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