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Marine Servonnat

Mar 22, 2022, 11:03:49 AMMar 22
to SMART Community Forum
Good afternoon all, 

I would like to understand if SMART connect is the right tool for being able to apload the data collected for ecological survey online?

The data collected on SMART mobile will be from remote camps and would be shared with research organisations. I would like each manager in each camp to simply upload the data online that I could then have access to. I have set up the different conservation areas, the configurable models for them to use but how do I access all the data collected? To make their life simpler, I would like to avoid them having to import the patrol on the camp SMART desktop. 

So is there anyway that from the SMART mobile app, they could send the data online (to a server/cloud) that I could get access to?

If SMART connect is the right tool, can someone assist with setting it up? My biggest challenge is regarding the Servel URL and the security certificate. How do I get those? 
I can't find where to get the folder for Module 13 that deals with SMART connect. My answers might be in this folder. 

Thank you,
Bush regards,

Matt Hron

Mar 22, 2022, 5:45:01 PMMar 22
to Marine Servonnat, SMART Community Forum
Hello Marine,
SMART Connect is the web-based tool that can be used to share information between multiple desktops and mobile devices. You can configure SMART Mobile to automatically send the trackpoints and observations it collects directly to SMART Connect when the mobile device has an internet connection. From your SMART desktop, you would then need to download and process the data from SMART Connect. You can find an overview of SMART Connect here: https://smartconservationtools.org/Download/SMART-Connect

If you're interested in using SMART Connect as a Service - having your SMART Connect instance hosted by the SMART partnership, follow the instructions for submitting a request at the bottom of the page linked above. If you want to host your own cloud or on prem SMART Connect server, please provide more detail on where it would be hosted and we can provide further guidance. 

Note that a new SMART Connect Manual is currently under review and should be published soon.


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