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Ali Rajabi

Aug 23, 2021, 12:19:56 AMAug 23

My name is Ali Madad Rajabi I have worked for American NGO (Wildlife Conservation Society) for  worked 15 years (2006-2021). I have worked different position such as Field Veterinarian, Research assistant, Ecological survey officer, Conservation Science Manager and my current position One Health Specialist with Conservation Science Team of WCS. I am managing the SMART Conservation tools in Afghanistan, and I have introduced the SMART Tools(SMART App in smartphones) for the first ti.e in Wakhan National Park.WCS is non-profit organization based at the Bronx Zoo, New York, USA and have over 100 years of experience in the field of international conservation in over 60 countries.

As all know that the Aghanistan collapsed and now under control of Taliban, after collapsing of Kabul by Taliban, I and my family are living with fear of Taliban and it is impacted on me and my family, the situation is very scary and stressful,

 Now I and my family are under threat, because I have worked for American NGO. I have applied for P2, it is very low process.

So now most of the countries evacuating forgien citizen and  vulnerable Afghans, please if anyone know somone in US army or UK, Ministry of Foreign Afair of any countries, could share this message to help to evacuate my family,

I am really sorry and it is not fair that I have shared this message to this community forum, 


Contact:+93795934594 and +93700894083

Best regards,


Horris Wanyama Wanyama

Aug 23, 2021, 12:39:22 AMAug 23
to Ali Rajabi, SMART Community Forum
Hi Ali,

This must be hard for you and anyone.

SMART Community lets see how he can be assisted...he is part of the conservation family, he need us now more than ever.

Any one who can assist, please do that with urgency. 

Ali hold on there...All will be well.




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Ashley Vosper

Aug 23, 2021, 8:47:06 AMAug 23
to Horris Wanyama Wanyama, SMART Community Forum
Hi Horris,

I believe WCS are working on this or at least trying to.
I received this email a week ago from Ali and passed it on to them.

It is for sure a nightmare there.
Fingers crossed Ali and his family get out. He is a very nice person from what I remember of my time in Afghanistan.

I think it is best to let the experts deal with these situations but as the Americans are leaving at the end of this week it looks bleak to be honest for so many people.

Best wishes,

Emma Stokes

Aug 23, 2021, 9:11:46 AMAug 23
to SMART Community Forum,, SMART Community Forum, Horris Wanyama Wanyama
Dear all,

I was made aware of Ali's email to the forum and I discussed this with our WCS team in New York. Its completely understandable that given the current situation, many people are exploring all avenues to ensure they and their families remain safe.

I did however want to share the following message from Joe Walston, our WCS Executive Vice President for Global Conservation, whom I discussed this message with this morning.  

"We are doing all we can for our WCS Afghanistan staff, and their immediate familiy.  We have 64 current and former staff who have requested referral support through the P-2 program.  We have successfully processed all but 12 referrals. We are working with the remaining 12 to get the necessary additional information needed.  We have also compiled an evacuation flight list of WCS staff staff, and their immediate family, and we are working with colleagues in USAID, State Department, EU, as well as with others to secure their exist and asylum.  While we continue to work both on evacuation and asylum processes, please feel free to contact us if you continue to receive requests.” 

Many thanks for your support and understanding,
Emma Stokes

WCS Regional Director, Central Africa / WCS representative on the SMART Steering Committee

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