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Nov 11, 2015, 4:06:29 AM11/11/15
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Hi community,

I joined the forum a couple of days ago since I'm start using CT. 

I´ve already done some field work and I have an issue when I want to export photos from the CT? 

I realize that photos are include in the CTX file but how can I export photos with a latitude-longitud reference?


thanks in advance,


Bergl, Richard

Nov 11, 2015, 4:35:15 AM11/11/15
to JMG-SINERGIA, comm...@smartconservationsoftware.org


From your post it isn't clear if you are using Cybertracker with SMART, or just Cybetracker by itself. Assuming the device you are using adds geotags to the photos it takes, here is how you do it in SMART.

SMART with Cybertracker plugin:

-Locate the observation that has the relevant photo attached.

-Click "Attachment", then the small box that appears next to it.

-Select "Open" to view the image.

-Once the image opens in windows, choose File>make a copy, and choose a place to save it.

-If your device adds geotags, the coordinate data (will be whatever format your device is set to record, lat-lon, UTM, etc) will be included in the photo properties

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