Movie Night [Oct. 20, 2023] Pontypool / Blood Quantum

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Oct 18, 2023, 9:33:47 PM10/18/23
Quickly!! Lock the Door!$!@! They are *EVERYWHERE*

If you make it through the rest of the week, meet up at SkullSpace at 7:30 this Friday for another Double-Feature Movie Night.  You can also tune in to the stream at and chat on the #movie-night discord channel!

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Where do you run when the wrong word can turn a mild mannered citizen into a flesh-starved maniac?  You hunker down and support your local public radio broadcaster.  Stephen McHattie ( BASEketball, Theodore Rex ) started his day rather normally but if the folks calling into the listener line are any indication, the drive home is going to be a doozy.  If things are this crazy in a small town in Ontario, what is it like in the rest of the country?


It is generally thought that after you gut a fish they eventually stop moving.  The first indication that Michael Greyeyes (Firestorm, Kissed by Lightning) had that something was amiss was when a friend of his showed him fish that steadfastly refused to quit swimming.  Once it becomes clear that Indigenous folks are immune to this troubling new affliction, the small community must decide whether it is worth the risk to try help travelers that show up at their gate, knowing that one false decision could mean the end for them all.

9:10PM - Intermission
9:25PM - Blood Quantum ( )

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