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Jan 17, 2024, 9:00:08 PMJan 17
Quickly!!..I have no time to explain! What year is it?!?!

Skullspace will have been showing another double-feature movie night at 7:30PM on Friday the 19th day of January in the year 2024 in the city of Winnipeg, in the country known as Canda, in the early part of the Anthropocene.  Join us at that time & location or virtually via media player or panspectral communication device ( )

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As you well know, there is no shortage of questions when experiencing non-standard temporal events; can I eat this? where did we park the jumpgate? why does the air smell funny? It is even worse when you stumble through one of those pesky rifts accidentally.  There is little warning for Chris O'Dowd ( Dinner for Schmucks, The IT Crowd ) before he and his pals are thrust into a century-spanning adventure while down at the pub for a pint.  They must evade critics, deal with their future groupies, and find love while skipping around in time.

Archaeology is much easier when you don't have to spend all of that tedious effort digging things up, making guesses, and relying on fragile records.  It is so much simpler for Billy Connolly ( Dreamer, Fido ) to just fax himself back with a crack team of researchers, fart about taking measurements and making notes and then with a zip-zap-zoink head back to the present to reap the academic rewards.  Clearly nobody thought this through.  When the medieval shit hits the proverbial fan it is up to Paul Walker ( Tanny and the T-Rex, Takers ) and his rescue crew to put 650 years of knowledge to work getting his father home safely.

7:30 - FAQ About Time Travel ( )
9:00 - Intermission
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