Movie Night [ Feb 16, 2024 ] Mr Magoo / The Master of Disguise

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Feb 15, 2024, 7:46:34 PMFeb 15
Now.. where did I put them?.. No.. not there.. Oh this is all a bit much.

Somewhere in this pile of emails is the justification for this month's double feature movie night, but I certainly can't find it.  Join us this Friday the 16th of Februrary at SkullSpace or virtually via discord and your favorite media player tuned to

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There are a very few movies produced by Disney that breathe the rarified air of controversy.  We catch up with Leslie Neilsen ( Surf Ninjas, Soul Man ) in a role that created instant outrage from the blind community.  He stumbles, shuffles, and squints his way through an energetic adventure that manages to stop Malcom McDowell ( Robot Dracula, Tank Girl ) from completing his dastardly plans.

Another international crime ring that is just one convincing turtle costume away from being toppled.  This story finds Dana Carvey ( Little Nicky, This is Spinal Tap ) as a waiter with a particular set of skills.  Using his sharp wit, steady nerves, and cat-like agility he will try to foil Brent Spiner's ( Shocker, Out to Sea ) plans to steal priceless relics from around the globe.

9:00PM - Intermission
9:10PM - The Master of Disguise ( )

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