3D Printing Fundamentals

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May 1, 2023, 6:32:50 PMMay 1
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* * 3D Printing Fundamentals * *

Join me at the 3D printer area on the first Tuesday of every month starting tomorrow May 2, 2023.

Each session will begin with the basics of 3D printing;
- Terminology
- A  brief examination of the hardware used in our printers
- How to download or create objects
- A brief demonstration of the software used to prepare objects for printing
- A demonstration of the printer in action

* * 3D Printing - Intermediate Settings * *

Following the Fundamentals demonstration I have prepared a slightly more advanced topic.

Infill and Perimeters
- How infills affect your finished part
- How increasing perimeters can sometimes negate the need for infill altogether
- Merits of the various styles of infill

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