Meeting Minutes for January 2024

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Edwin Amsler

Jan 30, 2024, 8:09:54 PMJan 30
(Notes prepared by Edwin)

Wow! It's been awhile hasn't it? Here's what we talked about this month:

* Introductions were had
* DJ Controller is here (for a visit)! Mixer Pioneer XDJ XZ (flagship of controllers). Need the serial number. Bought from Pioneer dealer. We will not keep this at the space, so it's technically "[too cool for SkullSpace]("
* Movie night happened 1/19!
* Frequently Asked Questions
* Timeline
* The was no other movie. Nope. No secret movie...
* Saturday there was the annual January birthdays shindig! Much fun was had
* Checklist for noise levels is forthcoming. Too much fun... 😃
* Sign to indicate that people are on site 24/7 and folks shouldn't go checking door knobs.
* Two new fridges!
* One for event drinks
* One for general drinks and leftovers
* Coolers will return to Ralph Brown
* We've cleaned up some old things (old paint samples, broken shelves)
* Foosball table we want to move to charity (warning should be sent to Ron). Possible tax write-off?
* Bread maker we want to give back / away. Edwin has reached out to original donor
* The old chairs will disappear~ 👻
* Some of the new black chairs will go to Ralph Brown. We're keeping 30-40. Apparently they were free according to Mark.
* Our numbers are "bliep" with an upward movement. But current finances in the account are near $10,000. Finances were not officially presented.
* At what point are we going to start investing in the space? This question was put on hold because we ran out of time.
* Rent is going up again. Original forgiveness was set at $1,050 by our landlord and we've given more as we've been able and now we'll be back to $1,860 or so (from memory)! Huge thanks to Leon Brown holdings!
* AGM next month. We'll announce it! If you don't like bylaws or you want to run for the board, prepare thyself!
* We've applied for a government grant for Hax and two other events. Those interested in volunteering and getting some good feels, please reach out to Mark Campbell.
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