Movie Night [ Mar 17, 2023 ] The Core / Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Mar 15, 2023, 8:11:03 PM3/15/23
Greetings Fellow Delvers!

This month we will follow two groups who spend their respective films frantically trying to get to the middle of the planet.  Let's see what fun and profit awaits.

Join us at SkullSpace at 7:30PM or virtually over discord and IRC.  Tune in remotely on the day of at

Click HERE for the poster:

When the molten core of the Earth suddenly stops spinning, a crack team of scientists gets to bore their way down there and nuke it!  As chaos spreads across the surface of the world, Hillary Swank ( The Next Karate Kid, Amelia ) and Aaron Eckhart ( Thank You For Smoking, Paycheck ) lead the team on their desperate mission to restart the core.  Unfortunately there are secret plans that could spell the end of them, and the whole planet!

Sometimes a story seems so amazing, so outlandish, that it simply must be fiction.  This is exactly what Brendan Fraser ( Bedazzled, Airheads ) thought about the classic Jules Verne tale about subterranean adventurers.  Nearly a decade after his brother disappears, Brendan is enticed to follow clues that lead him to the majestic volcanic slopes of Iceland and beyond!  Adventure, excitement, and obvious 3D gimmicks abound!

9:45PM - Journey to the Center of the Earth ( )

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Edwin Amsler

Mar 17, 2023, 9:49:52 AM3/17/23
Frantic Films history tonight. I want stories from members




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