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Jun 30, 2020, 1:10:30 PM6/30/20


Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we've crossed that astronomical and meteorological line into the sunniest, warmest part of the year. When you live in the Great White North (as I do), that's a big deal! Why, it inspires me to wax poetic . . . which is a sign that I should start talking about GURPS at once. (My poetry is far too Vogon for this venue.)

Recent Releases

Because we were ramping up for the GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge (more on that below), we didn't publish anything genuinely new for GURPS in June. In the absence of such, I'll mention the things we worked hard to make available via print on demand after an absence in the physical, printed world.

GURPS FantasyGURPS Classic: DinosaursFor GURPS Fourth Edition:

For GURPS Third Edition:

You can find those books and many more at our new Amazon storefront!

Not that we're limiting ourselves to selling our re-releases on Warehouse 23 and Amazon! We've continued to add GURPS PDFs on DriveThruRPG, most recently GURPS Flight 13 and GURPS Terradyne.

GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge

The single biggest piece of upcoming news deserves its own section: We'll be running a GURPS Kickstarter from July 1 (tomorrow!) until July 13 that could unlock up to 12 PDFs for as little as $3 for the lot. You read that right: 25 cents apiece if there's enough funding. Don't believe me? Let Phil Reed explain and explain more.

But what are these mythical PDFs, and why should you want them? I've secured special permission to let the cat out of the bag a day early!GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge

  • GURPS Action 6: Tricked-Out Rides (by Sean Punch) . . . A system for quickly customizing cars, SUVs, vans, and pickups.
  • GURPS Action 7: Mercenaries (by S.A. Fisher) . . . A look at freelance military action, from the 1970s to present.
  • GURPS Boardroom and Curia: Tomorrow Rides (by Steven Marsh) . . . An organization that encourages you to drive dangerously.
  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 3: Deep Night and the Star (by Matt Riggsby) . . . A cosmic fantasy adventure.
  • GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 21: Megadungeons (by Peter V. Dell'Orto) . . . Tips and advice for designing dungeons-as-campaigns.
  • GURPS Horror: Beyond the Pale (by Christopher R. Rice and J. Edward Tremlett) . . . A truly creepy modern-day adventure.
  • GURPS Hot Spots: The Incense Trail (by Matt Riggsby) . . . A visit to historical trade routes linking the Indian Ocean with the Mediterranean.
  • GURPS Monster Hunters Encounters 1 (Christopher R. Rice) . . . Mini-adventures for modern-day monster slayers.
  • GURPS Reign of Steel: Read the Sky (by Roger Burton West) . . . An SAS adventure set after the robot apocalypse.
  • GURPS Steampunk Setting: The Broken Clockwork World (by Phil Masters) . . . A setting that smashes together the modern and the steampunk.
  • GURPS Template Toolkit 3: Starship Crew (by Sean Punch) . . . A complementary set of templates for those who operate big spaceships.
  • How to Be a GURPS GM: Ritual Path Magic (by Christopher R. Rice) . . . A guide to using GURPS Thaumatology: Ritual Path Magic.

Need another reason to back this? Your faithful servant here celebrates his 25th year at SJ Games on Sunday, July 5. If you've ever found my hand on the GURPS tiller to be a good thing and would like to support the game going forward, why not mark my silver anniversary by putting a little silver toward this campaign? The more that's pledged, the more PDFs you'll get!

Other Upcoming Plans

Of course, there are still many other goodies in our various queues. Here are some hints regarding those. All are best guesses and nothing more – I cannot promise anything resembling dates.

  • The GURPS Combat Cards are now at the printer. Look for them this summer.
  • The Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game remains in the production queue. If you've read this far, then you can probably figure out why it hasn't moved more quickly.
  • Remember that first draft from David Pulver I mentioned last time? It jumped through editing and now awaits production. The title is still a secret.
  • My two short GURPS Dungeon Fantasy volumes and that supplement I wrote for the GURPS Magic series all await production as well . . . and have nothing to do with the GURPS 2020 PDF Challenge.
  • The final draft of Christopher Rice's GURPS Realm Management is still in the editorial queue.
  • We posted a call for playtesters for Bill Stoddard's GURPS Furries. The playtest will run from July 10 to August 17, so it isn't too late to get involved.
  • Randy Huegele's contribution to the GURPS Hot Spots series awaits playtesting behind GURPS Furries – probably in late summer.
  • I've started reviewing that first draft from James Amaral & Joshua Lopez (for GURPS Infinite Worlds), while first drafts from Alden Loveshade (no clues yet!) and Christopher Rice (for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Denizens) continue to await editorial review.

Yet another project has moved past the first-draft stage but been put on hold, while five others are in the process of being written (we signed two new contracts since May). To stay abreast of developments and perhaps learn more about the items I left vague, follow the GURPS thread in my blog, updated Fridays.

Join Us! Join Us!

We're a little swamped – and at least in theory I'd like to take some time off over the summer – so we (okay, I) can't promise fast turnarounds on proposals. That means there's time to spare, so I'd strongly encourage would-be writers to internalize our Submission Guidelines, the GURPS formatting guide, and the GURPS WYSIWYG template before even thinking about sending us a query. After that, visit the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated May 4, 2020) and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated May 4, 2020) to discover our current needs. And yes, we're still sticking strictly to those lists. Thank you for understanding!

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