Autumn Leaves

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Sep 30, 2019, 1:53:14 PM9/30/19

Autumn Leaves

It's the fall, we publish books, and there are leaves in a book, so those are autumn leaves. Would it help if I said they're "read" (homophone for "red," like autumn leaves)? Am I trying too hard? Probably! I'll stick to being an editor – hey, I did slip "homophone" into a casual sentence – and write a few words about GURPS.

GURPS Sorcery: Sound Spells

Recent Releases

We published one new GURPS-related product:

GURPS Sorcery: Sound Spells (September 19, 2019; PDF)

Not everybody who includes wizardry in their games likes spells as skills. If you want to balance magical powers against other powers, the best way to go about it is to build them as actual powers (in the GURPS Powers sense). The leading system for that is in GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery. Sound Spells supports those rules with sound magic – a subject near and dear to the hearts of bards, banshees, and occult-tinged heavy metal bands everywhere.


GURPS PDF Archiving Initiative
We continue to convert the GURPS back catalogue to digital form (PDF) as resources permit. September brought with it GURPS Villains. That licensed work I mentioned last month is still in production, as is another old gem. Watch this space!

Upcoming Plans

Now for the peek behind the curtain. As usual, please understand that this information – though as accurate as I can make it – comes with no guarantees. My allergic response to those decaying autumn leaves reminds me that we're headed into cold and flu season, for instance, which usually comes with a few delays due to illness.

  • Physical copies of Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 2 are in house and should ship shortly.
  • The seventh printing of GURPS Basic Set: Campaigns has been announced for October 2019 and is in transit to us as I write.
  • GURPS High-Tech: Electricity and Electronics, by Bill Stoddard, is through editing and production, and has art, making it a good bet for the near future.
  • The next GURPS Disasters volume, by James Howard, is in editing and also looking strong for an autumn release.
  • The Pyramid Dungeon Collection is ready to go before the end of 2019.
  • The seventh printing of GURPS Basic Set: Characters has been announced for January 2020 and is at the printer.
  • The latest item in the GURPS Vehicles series has been reviewed and is with its author, Phil Masters, to turn into a final draft.
  • The first draft of our second GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Setting, by Matt Riggsby, is in peer review.
  • The first draft of a new supplement in the GURPS Hot Spots series, by Randy Huegele, is in editorial review.
  • The first draft of Christopher R. Rice's most recent work is with me for editorial review.
  • My newest manuscript awaits peer review.

Three other projects are past the first-draft stage but on hold for various reasons, and six are in the design phase. If there's movement on any of those – or for that matter, on anything I named above – the most promising spot for an interim status report is the GURPS thread in my blog. I update that before noon Central time each Friday.

Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2

Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game News
The Dungeon Fantasy Magic Items 2 Kickstarter opened, was funded in short order, and closed. As of the last week of September, the book was at the printer, meaning we should be able to get it to backers in short order, too. I can't provide an ETA at this time, but I can say "Thank you!" to everyone who supported us.

Join Us! Join Us!

We continue to have enough on our collective plate that we aren't beating the bushes for proposals, but while movement is slow, it's steady – sooner or later, we'll need more. If that interests you, please take the time to review our Submission Guidelines, the GURPS formatting guide, and the GURPS WYSIWYG template. Then you'll be ready to peruse the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated August 2, 2019) and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated August 2, 2019) for our current needs. Please understand that unless we've worked with you a lot in the past, we're unlikely to pursue queries that fall outside those lists. Thanks in advance!

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