Post-Equinoctial Pondering

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Sep 29, 2022, 1:38:32 PM9/29/22

Post-Equinoctial Pondering

September raced past without even stopping to ask, "Hi! Could I interest you in some apples?" Up here in the Great White North, leaves are turning yellow and red, flocks of geese are honking past overhead, and we've put away our sandals for another year. Work on GURPS never ceases, however.

Recent Releases

The highlight of the past month was the appearance of the remaining 2021 GURPS Pyramid Scheme issues on Warehouse 23.

Pyramid #4/2: Modern/Action I (September 8, 2022; PDF)Pyramid #4/2: Modern/Action IPyramid #4/3: Sci-Fi/Tech I

The second issue of Pyramid, Volume 4 offers both inspiring ideas and solid crunch for those who like action, conspiracies, guns, and vehicles suited to the present or adjacent eras. Think of it as support for GURPS Action and GURPS High-Tech. Its dozen articles bring you nifty gear, cool rides, locations, organizations, and many, many adventure ideas.

Pyramid #4/3: Sci-Fi/Tech I (September 22, 2022; PDF)

Maybe you prefer cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, and space sagas? Say no more! The third issue of Pyramid, Volume 4 has you covered. Tech, worlds, and adventure seeds abound, covering the gamut from near to far future and from "hard" to "soft" science fiction. GURPS Space and GURPS Ultra-Tech fans are sure to find something they like here.

Everything Old Is New Again Department
This is a bit of a leak at the time of writing, but GURPS Combat Cards will be available via print-on-demand at DriveThruRPG very, very shortly. Bookmark that link.

Upcoming Plans

We continue to plug away as the days shorten. At the same time, the world continues to be a mad, mad one, so we're reluctant to make promises. I can offer only hints.

Six further projects are on the books but either too early in the writing process to name, paused while we settle details, or just plain secret. I cannot say more. For changes to the situation as it stands right now, keep your eye on the GURPS thread in my blog. I strive to update that as soon as possible each Friday.

Nightmare Fuel
Our friends at Gaming Ballistic are working up to launch three new bestiary volumes, in the same vein as the Nordlond Bestiary! If you're in the mood for snakes, bugs, and killer plants, sign up to be notified when the Nightmare Fuel campaign launches on Backerkit Crowdfunding.

Join Us! Join Us!

Things continue to move slowly, but at least we're getting through query letters and signing the occasional new contract. My advice is to get very comfortable with the Submission Guidelines, GURPS formatting guide, and GURPS WYSIWYG template; then visit the Warehouse 23 Digital Wish List (updated February 11, 2022) and Warehouse 23 Wish List for GURPS (updated May 2, 2022) to learn our current needs; and finally, if you feel up to the challenge, send your query. Good luck!

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