Collision Exclusion

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Harald Scheirich

Mar 21, 2014, 8:34:56 AM3/21/14
to openSurgSim
Right now all collision objects will be paired with all other collision objects for collision detection, while implementing the stapling example we already see a need to be able to exclude certain pairs from collision detection and in extension response.  Case in point when we attach a staple to the arm via constraints we want to be able to exclude the check between staple and arm otherwise our collision response will try to push the staple back out of the arm, right now this can be done by not providing a collision object on the staple. But further down the road it will be helpful to be able to provide help to the system as to which object may collide with each other. 

## Collision groups

This would allow the user to set one or more collsion group for each collision representation, collision pairs would only be generated between objects of one collision group. This is easy for the user to handle, but might require us to check for overlap between groups so that we don't process the same pair twice. Objects that are not in any collision group should probably not be included in the collision process, otherwise it will be hard to exclude objects from any collisions. 

Harald Scheirich
Principal Software Engineer
Simquest Solutions Inc. 
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