Cmake fails to parse version number of OpenSceneGraph

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sebastian ordas

May 1, 2014, 9:08:05 PM5/1/14
Dear Team,

cmake fails to parse version number of OpenSceneGraph in Windows. Does anyone have an updated
FindOpenSceneGraph.cmake to try?

The issue looks like haven´t been solved in

any clue?

thank you,

Sebastian Ordas

May 6, 2014, 8:41:21 PM5/6/14

Thank you Harry, everything´s working fine now!

best regards,

Hi Sebastian, I just did a build of OSG 3.2.1-rc2 with install and a run of cmake on OSS that seems to work, this is all on a x86 target with visual studio 2012 and cmake

osg sits in S:\tools\OpenSceneGraph\3.2.1-VS2012\
build directory S:\tools\OpenSceneGraph\3.2.1-VS2012\build
install directory S:\tools\OpenSceneGraph\3.2.1-VS2012\install

OSG_ROOT set to S:\tools\OpenSceneGraph\3.2.1-VS2012\install as an environment variable (System) 

cmake on OSG, i am using downloaded third party depencies 
built Release in visual studio (it seems that if release is not built the findOpenSceneGraph does not work)
ran "Install" in visual studio

the Install folder will contain 'bin', 'include' and 'lib' with appropriate entries, .dll in bin, and .lib in 'lib' 

ran cmake in OSS that ran successfully and found the correct OSG version

I also attached my Version file, I hope this helps. 

I read your error message again, I have to admit that I saw a different error 


Harald Scheirich
Principal Software Engineer
Simquest Solutions Inc. 
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