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K9 Training Institute Reviews: Is (K9TI) The Best Online Dog Training of 2023

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Tackling the training of an energetic puppy or a grown dog with problem behaviors can be incredibly challenging. After trawling through all the free resources available online, have you considered enlisting the help of professionals?


After completing the K9 Training Institute (K9TI) Total Transformation Masterclass, we are confident this course is worth your time and money. We wanted to ensure we experienced all of it before giving our opinion, so we took months going through each module in depth.


With this comprehensive review, you will understand all the critical qualities of the course (including its value) to determine if it is well-suited for your pup and yourself.


With this one of the priciest online dog training courses on the market, is it truly worth your money?


Let's not waste more time - dive into this thorough K9TI Review! So make yourself comfortable, fix a nice beverage of your choice, and prepare for an information-packed journey.

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How We Found Out About K9TI

We’ve been taking the K9TI online course for a while now. 


Initially, we discovered K9TI from one of our readers, who explained how it dramatically enhanced the bond between her and her adopted 7-year-old pup. Not long after, another reader expressed overwhelming admiration for this program after comparing it with other training courses she had used before. It was by far the most successful!


When several people suddenly start talking about a product or service rapidly, the product goes viral. With clever marketing and targeted advertisements on various platforms, companies reach their ideal audience quickly and effectively.


But K9TI stands out from the rest.


Our curiosity was piqued as we had yet to encounter an online presence in the dog training world. We quickly decided to investigate what all of this chatter on the internet could be about - after all, no one wants to miss out on a top-notch new canine coaching course!


We are committed to only providing our readers with the most practical and transformative courses developed by competent professionals. 

As such, we would like to make sure that any class offered has met these criteria before it is recommended.



Is K9 Training Institute a Highly Recommended Option?

k9ti review.png

We don't mean to spoil the surprise, but we highly recommend K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass! It has taken first place as our top pick for Best Online Dog Training Courses. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity - you won't regret it!


Initially, we were somewhat apprehensive about including K9TI due to its higher cost than other options.


Compared to other courses, the results obtained from this particular course are significantly more successful. Moreover, its training approach is incomparable; thus, it offers an unrivaled value for money in dog training that produces tangible outcomes for regular pet owners.


On top of that, we're offering everyday dog owners the unprecedented opportunity to learn about the mysteries of service dogs for the first time!

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K9TI Alternatives

The adage "you get what you pay for" aptly applies when purchasing online dog training courses.


Many courses exist that vow to rectify particular behavioral problems in your puppy, and many of them are successful.


K9TI stands out from other training programs, providing a solid foundation for your dog's education by teaching them the two essential cues of Watch and Touch. This helps build an effective platform that can then be utilized to address any behavioral issue you might have with your pup.


These two signals form the foundation of training service dogs, allowing them to become composed and obedient while also providing them with a meaningful purpose.


Fulfilled and healthy canines are those that always have something to do. Training them to earn their reward is how we always keep them engaged and attentive.


According to animal behavior science, the most successful approach for teaching dogs is through body language rather than simply verbal orders.


This course is designed to teach you how to access your dog's natural abilities. They can be in different situations without feeling anxious or overwhelmed by teaching them calmness, obedience, and impulse control skills. It will not turn your puppy into a service animal but help develop its traits!


As an example:

  • When walking your pup, their gaze will remain fixed on you, even if another dog is barking or lunging in its direction.
  • Even in an atmosphere of tantalizing smells and unpredictable chaos, your little ones can remain collected and seated without distraction.
  • Despite any tantrums that may unfold in the house, remain serene and stay put in your bed.


This course strives to provide a positive outcome for you and your pup.


The K9TI Masterclass is hosted by renowned experts Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall. Their expertise ensures that this online dog training course will provide all the tools to completely reshape your relationship with your pup!

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!

Meet the Brilliant Minds Behind K9 Training Institute

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Would you be able to find a premier online dog training program? Make sure to check out the credentials and qualifications that come with each instructor's course. It should be your top priority to get the best bang for your buck!


The K9 Training Institute stands out above the rest with its exclusive and experienced team of trainers who have dedicated decades to their profession, providing your pup with only the most effective methods for training.


At the core, of course, delivery is two foremost trainers, yet they have a dedicated team behind them to ensure success.

Dr. Alexa Diaz

For over two decades, Dr. Alexa Diaz has dedicated her career to training canines - first with one of the most esteemed service dog organizations in America and now as K9TI's premier animal behaviorist.


She holds a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior and tirelessly contributes to the research of several scientific journals worldwide, furthering her mission of fostering positive relationships between canine companions and their owners.


With decades of experience as one of the nation's most esteemed service dog trainers, Dr. Alexa Diaz has exhibited her unique ability to offer unparalleled assistance for training dogs with superior obedience and calmness - akin to that found in certified service dogs. She provides reliable solutions for pet owners around the globe, guaranteeing tangible results from her renowned expertise!

Eric Presnall

When he's not Tillman's Personal Assistant (Skateboarding Bulldog) on the renowned Animal Planet series "Who Let the Dogs Out?", Eric Presnall is K9TI's leading presenter and instructor. Here, he is responsible for searching for America’s most accomplished and well-trained canines - including service dogs - and assessing their trainers' performance.


Eric Presnall has been surrounded by dogs and is passionate about training. Drawing from years of experience, he truly understands how to improve the relationship between owners and their pets. With his help, lives can be changed for the better!


Dr. Alexa Diaz reveals the underpinning context and knowledge behind the K9TI Masterclass, yet Eric Presnall is featured in its most practical lessons.

Who is the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass For?

The K9TI Masterclass is designed to equip every level of dog owners with the tools and techniques they need for immediate, long-term results. Sign up today and start taking control of your pup!


Dog owners who prioritize forming strong relationships with their four-legged friends – whether a pup, hound, or rescue dog struggling with behavioral issues - can reap excellent benefits from this product.


Too often, people only become serious about training their dogs after behavioral problems arise. With K9TI’s methods, you can teach any pup to be gentle and obey commands—no matter its prior background or experiences.


The K9TI course is ideal if you:


  • I'm keen to uncover what truly drives your pup's behavior.


  • Are you looking for ways to increase your children's socialization skills?


  • Give your family and friends the reassurance that comes with knowing you take care of your home, inside and out.


  • Constantly concerned about the safety of their little ones (from running into traffic to ingesting hazardous material)


  • Are you trying to make it simpler for others to care for them?


  • Above all, you yearn for a stronger bond with your four-legged friend!


I would like to point out that you'll need 10-15 minutes a day for individual training with your pup. If this is achievable, you have better options than our course. Time needs to be taken to train your puppy effectively, and repetition must occur - patience also plays an integral role!


To provide your pup with the best opportunity for success, it is essential to remain consistent in their training. This will ensure they reach milestones within a timely manner.


Whether you are a dog training novice or have tried your hand at other methods without success, this course is designed to be simple for everyone, regardless of their level of experience.


How Can The K9TI Masterclass Help You?

k9ti reviews.png

With the K9TI Masterclass, you'll learn precisely how to help transform your pup into an obedient and calm companion who exhibits admirable impulse control - similar to a service dog.


With 'obedient,' we don't mean using fear to subdue your pup, but instead focusing on their strengths, figuring out what they enjoy, and rewarding them. When you provide your dog with a sense of purpose through guidance and positive reinforcement, they will be more eager to listen to you better while paying attention to the messages communicated in your body language.


With this course, you'll learn how to instruct your pup using straightforward commands that they can comprehend and process, leading to a considerable decrease in undesirable behaviors like:



You don't need a degree in animal behavior or years of experience for your canine companion to be as obedient and well-trained as any service dog. With just 10-15 minutes per day focused solely on teaching them, you can already start noticing remarkable changes in how they respond to your commands!


You don't need to purchase extra items to join this course; no whistles, clickers, or other dog-training gadgets are in sight!

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


Discover the Revolutionary Dog Training Course that is Truly Unique!

The K9TI course takes a revolutionary approach to training your pup - unlike other practices which focus on verbal commands.


K9TI will teach you the power of body language and hand signals for better communication with your pup and when using verbal commands in specific scenarios is necessary.


For the first time, the mysteries of service dog training can be accessible to all owners. Thanks to Dr. Alexa Diaz and her team, you can now gain a thorough guide covering everything from foundational knowledge to implementation in your home! The future of pet ownership is here - let us show you how it's done.


If you dedicate as little as 10-15 minutes daily, this course is perfect for you! Our lessons are organized in digestible sections that create a foundation of knowledge that allows for quick results with your pup. You'll begin experiencing changes within the first few sessions.


Unlock new possibilities with K9TI Masterclass and take advantage of its key features.

Expert professionals will support and guide you through every stage of the process, ensuring your training practices are rooted in a strong and sound foundation.


The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass gives you all the tools to become an expert dog trainer, such as:


  • Get personalized and expert guidance with this world-renowned dog training course - taught by one of the most experienced instructors in the field!
  • A straightforward, comprehensive guide to success that you can execute at a pace comfortable to you.
  • Gain invaluable, real-world experience through hands-on tutelage with professional mentors.
  • In-depth tutorials on the art of training
  • Humane, reward-based training techniques
  • Watch untrained canines transform with the help of video demonstrations and post-training results!
  • You can easily reference transcripts of your videos for more straightforward comprehension.
  • This PDF summary lets you easily stay on top of your daily training routine and assignments!
  • Get world-class instruction with free one-on-one coaching from qualified trainers.
  • Join our interactive, online Q&A sessions with expert trainers and gain valuable insights into your fitness journey.
  • Enjoy a lifetime, of course, with materials at your fingertips.


Furthermore, you'll have unlimited access to comprehensive materials and resources to take your time with the course content and review topics as often as needed.


K9TI Free Workshop


Our initial awe was the generous Free Training Workshop the K9 Training Institute presented.


The Total Transformation Masterclass provides valuable insights, giving you an insightful preview of what to expect when it's finished. You'll not doubt whether this program suits you and your pup!


Many other online dog trainers make you commit before knowing if their services are suitable for your pup's needs.


At K9TI, we want to ensure that dog owners know precisely what they are signing up for before any commitments can be made. We want to avoid a surge of people canceling because they weren't aware of the expectations or details - which is why transparency and understanding are essential elements in our company's mission.

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


K9TI Masterclass Cost

At first, the price of the K9TI Masterclass at $497 seemed a bit steep. You may be skeptical about spending such an amount on a training course that you still determine will work for your canine companion. We completely understand; however, when we took the plunge and enrolled our pup in this program, it was well worth every penny!


Although numerous cost-free tools are available, nothing is as beneficial and thorough as a professional dog training program.


With the K9TI course, you and your canine companion will receive personalized care from a highly-trained specialist. 

Additionally, an array of resources are available to improve your collective experience. Although the cost may appear substantial at first sight, this expenditure is merely an investment in your pup's future and strengthening bonds between you!


After carefully reviewing the entire course, it was evident that we had more than gotten our money's value.

Is Investing in the K9TI Masterclass Worth Your Time and Money?

The Total Transformation Masterclass is an exceptional deal for $497. It includes video instruction from a highly esteemed service dog trainer and unrestricted access to additional proficient canine trainers, making it a remarkable value proposition.


By looking at how similar courses have unfolded in the past, it is evident that the enrollment cost also increases as demand for a system skyrockets. After all, more members require additional resources and maintenance to ensure their success with the program.


Although the K9TI training course is relatively new, its extraordinary support for dog owners worldwide will soon likely cause a price surge.


If you are committed to training your pup correctly, investing in K9TI Masterclass is an absolute must.


90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

K9TI is so self-assured in the worth of their course that they offer a 90 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, one of the most generous refund policies available from online dog training courses.


With this course, you can rest assured that your purchase has a full 90-day money-back guarantee - no questions asked! We are sure you will love our risk-free offer, and what's fairer than having the chance to try it out without any risks?

K9 Training Institute Special Offers

K9TI frequently has promotions for their Masterclass, which can save you a whopping $200! To benefit from this fantastic opportunity, register for the free workshop, watch the video to decide if it's right for you and then check at the end to see any special offers that are currently running. Take advantage of all of these savings - take advantage today!

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


If you're given a chance to save money, take it quickly! This is a fantastic offer that won't last forever.


Save Money and Time With This Effective Online Training

When you think of the time and expense of retaining a certified dog trainer, it's an investment: at least $50 per hour for two sessions each week over ten consecutive weeks.


For an experienced instructor, such as a service dog trainer, the usual rate begins at a staggering $200 per hour!


In addition, it is typically more advantageous to train your dog than to hire a professional personally. This way, you will be the one that continues teaching them long-term, and they will likely respond better to you rather than someone who only comes in temporarily.


The Financial Implications of Owning a Dog versus the Cost of Taking a Course

When examining the financial picture, how much do we genuinely invest throughout our dog's life?


The financial investment for a medium-sized dog with an average lifespan of 13 years is substantial, ranging from $15,600 to an impressive $62,000.

This includes:

  • Upfront Costs – The cost of the dog, bedding, leashes, and interactive toys should all be factored in.
  • Persistent Expenses – Nutrition, treats coverage for veterinary bills, replenishing toys and bedding supplies, grooming services.
  • Health Expenses - Pets require vaccinations, flea and worm prevention treatments, and neutering or spaying procedures to ensure their well-being. Regular examinations are recommended, too, in addition to any other medical attention they may need due to unforeseen injuries or conditions.
  • Has your adored pooch wreaked havoc on furniture, accessories, and bedding? If so, you know how costly this type of behavior can be. Don't sit back and let it go unchecked - take action now to end the damaging chewing!
  • cost of a sitter or walker 


Often, individuals must pay more attention to the financial cost of owning a pup. Though it is hard to assign a monetary value to having an excellent relationship with your canine friend that will last forever, there's no replacement for high-quality dog training, which can serve as the foundation for such immense joy and companionship.


You can invest in the proper training of your pup as soon as possible, and you'll reap big rewards. Not only will you save time, money, and stress from repairs and vet bills with a trained dog, but you also have immense peace of mind knowing that your furry companion behaves better throughout their life!

Why Start With The Online Free Course

K9TI's free online course provides an unbeatable bargain - a special discount after your training, helping to save you money. This is why it should be among the first steps you take on your journey toward success!

Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!


Although free online courses on dog training can provide you with a preliminary understanding, they cannot fully maximize your pet's potential. That is why The Barmy Beagle offers comprehensive content that includes all the information needed to effectively train and care for your canine companion – much more than any other free course can give. With us, you will receive valuable knowledge and gain invaluable experience in pet ownership!


It is nearly impossible to comprehend the effectiveness of action through text alone truly. However, when you set aside time to learn how specific training tactics can positively impact your pup (and it's expressed in simple audio-visuals), that awareness will help foster progress with them.


By investing in a first-rate professional course, you'll gain access to experienced trainers who can give direction and assistance throughout your journey and reap the benefits of years of experience with dogs from all sorts of temperaments and backgrounds. Moreover, these paid courses usually come complete with comprehensive materials such as worksheets and training logs - giving you an even more solid base for successful dog training practices!


It would be unreasonable to expect a high level of professional support without investing any money. If you genuinely want your four-legged friend to have the best training possible, free online dog courses won't cut it.


What downsides exist with the K9TI Masterclass?

We applaud the K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass as the most comprehensive online dog training course out there - so trying to find a failing in it is almost impossible!


Although we may be nitpicking a bit, some videos could use some trimming. It's not an urgent issue, and you can always hit fast-forward when you feel like your pup understands what is being taught in that section; however, these videos are tailored to pet owners who need a comprehensive guide from start to finish, so repetition is essential for successful training of any dog.


We could easily have moaned about the cost of this course, but in truth, it provides a such tremendous worth that we unequivocally believe the outcomes are justified for both time and money.



K9TI Review

The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass is unparalleled regarding online dog training courses.


Whether you're an experienced or novice dog owner, this program has something for everyone. Boasting one of America's most well-reputed dog trainers and a 90-day money-back guarantee, it will give you lifetime access to its members' area.


If you are determined to teach your dog without the use of force, then K9TI's Free Workshop should be right up your alley! With our help, you'll soon have the well-mannered and content canine companion you've sought. Don't miss out on this chance - sign up now and see what a difference it can make in your and your pup’s lives!


 Does your dog pull on its leash? Bark too much? Free Obedience Training Workshop!!




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