Halo 2+ Dog Collar Review 2023

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Halo Collar Review

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If you're still undecided about whether to get a wireless dog fence or GPS dog collar, then this Halo collar review will help you make up your mind!

If you want a reliable fence to keep your canine companion safe and secure, this is one of the finest dog fences available. It beats out many other options on the market when it comes to quality and reliability.

Cesar Millan, the renowned canine expert, created this revolutionary fencing system that instructs your pup about limitations by making them aware when they're near a boundary.

With the collar's boundary system, pets learn to keep a safe distance from restricted areas. Should they end up getting out of their designated area, there is immediate feedback that encourages them back home and GPS location services will help you swiftly find them!

Experience the revolutionary Halo 2+ collar - a state-of-the-art wireless GPS system with additional features that exceed those of ordinarily invisible fences or shock collars.

Despite all the buzz surrounding Halo, it's a costly option costing nearly one thousand dollars. That being said, if you're willing to invest in this product for your pup, then its usability and dependability have been proven by the 10,000+ users across America who are reaping its benefits!

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What is Halo Collar, and How Does it Work?

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Every dog owner's worst fear is that their cherished companion gets lost or hurt while they can do nothing to help.

The possibility of something happening to our beloved pets is absolutely petrifying, so it's understandable that we would do whatever possible to prevent any harm from occurring. That's why prioritizing the safety and security of your furry friend should be a top concern.

It's critical for us to remain vigilant when it comes to keeping an eye on our furry friends; after all, they have a tendency of getting into trouble!

If constructing a safe and secure fence for your furry companion is something you've been struggling with, an invisible dog fence may be the ideal solution. It's not always simple to build or install an underground wired fence but this alternative option can help make it effortless!

Have you ever wondered how the Halo collar works? This revolutionary device provides your pup with a stimulus when they wander too far away from their safe area, encouraging them to stay within predetermined boundaries. The longer it is used, the better it gets at training your dog. 

And that’s not all - this 3-in-1 collar acts as both a GPS and activity tracker while also functioning like an invisible fence! With Halo Smart Dog Collar, you can rest easy knowing that your beloved companion is always secure and protected.

This product is a great choice for dogs that are already 5 months old and weigh over 20 pounds. Though it may not be suitable for very small breeds, the majority of canine sizes can benefit from this option.

In 2017, renowned dog training expert Cesar Millan and his partner Ken Ehrman created the revolutionary Halo smart collar. His years of experience had taught him how essential it is to provide dogs with the highest quality technology for their safety and security.

Utilizing his expertise in behavioral psychology, the revolutionary Halo dog collar is guaranteed to revolutionize your pet training.

Thanks to modern technology, the remarkable Halo smart collar gives you the freedom to create fences wherever life leads you. From your garden and home, all the way out into nature at parks or beaches - now let your pup's tail wag in excitement as his world expands! All it takes is a simple walk around while fastened with this exceptional cutting-edge device.

The Halo collar is easy to use due to the accompanying app that links your device with the collar. Now, you can even watch over your pup when away from home! Through the app, monitoring their activity and tracking how often they are warned off of boundaries becomes a breeze.

Although the Halo collar is equipped with a variety of features, user-friendliness is something that the company takes great pride in. Thus, customers have found it easy to use and navigate - making any difficulties seem minor.

Our 21-day Halo training program provides you with everything needed to ensure success, featuring exclusive videos and step-by-step instructions. With our guidance, you'll be an expert in no time!

The guide will help you understand how to build a fence and introduce the collar to your pooch in an effective manner. You'll also learn how to adjust the feedback and teach them when it is appropriate or not acceptable behavior while they're inside near Halo beacons. 

Afterward, you can take their training into real-world scenarios outside of this safe haven. You can use this link to get the best available pricing

Halo 2+ Collar New & Improved 

Halo 2+ Collar review.png

From the moment of its debut, the game-changing Halo collar captivated pet owners with its comprehensive instruction and ability to ensure their dogs' safety.

However, unfortunately, the product wasn't quite ready to launch. The first reviews of Halo collars on the internet were mostly unfavorable, citing a number of performance problems.

In response to customer feedback, the Halo company made crucial revisions to their Halo collars in order to resolve various issues.

Released in late 2021, the initial Halo collar was soon eclipsed by its successor, the advanced and sleekly designed Halo 2+, which launched in mid-2022. The reviews for this second-generation model spoke volumes as to how superior it is compared to its predecessor.

So, Why is Halo 2+ so much better?

Building on the successes of its predecessor, Halo 2+ adds a host of enhanced features and capabilities.

  • Enhanced GPS: If you're anxious that your pet won't be able to stay connected with their original Halo collar GPS system, then rejoice! The communication of satellites has now increased by a whopping 50%, guaranteeing more coverage and reliability. Even if connectivity temporarily fades away from the app, you don't have to worry; this amazing device will still protect your pup while keeping track of its whereabouts - goodbye lost dogs!
  • Better battery life: Harnessing the power of Halo, you can now enjoy up to 21 hours of battery life – depending on usage.
  • Better quality collar: From chewing to rough terrain, this collar has been designed with durability in mind - the last thing you want is for your beloved pooch to destroy that expensive state-of-the-art item! This tough and resilient design will ensure it stands up no matter what.
  • Improved location accuracyWith the stars twinkling, your pup's whereabouts can be pinpointed as accurately as within three feet and its position will refresh with satellites every 15 seconds. Adding to that is improved cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi performance, and Bluetooth stability for an even more seamless experience.
  • Keep away’ zones: Even though you might have a secure area outside for them to play in, there may be certain restrictions that need to remain intact- like staying away from the lake. Marking off 'Keep Away' zones can help alert dogs of these areas they should not enter and keep their safety guaranteed.

Halo 2+ Features

The Halo 2+ dog collar offers an exceptional combination of features, making it the ultimate virtual fence, GPS tracker, and activity monitor. With a wide range of capabilities packed into one device, this innovative product delivers everything pet owners need in a tracking system.

Smart Fences

The Halo app is your key to easily setting the boundaries of where you want your pup to play. All it takes are a few steps and the app will do all the work for you! It's that easy!

Imagine a halo of invisible protection for your pup: That's the power of the Halo wireless fence. You have full control to customize its shape, making sure that your dog is always contained in an area you deem safe.

Customers have been nothing short of elated with the remarkable size of the Halo Dog Fence area. With 20 virtual fence posts up to 6.2 miles apart, this incredible product can cover an extensive 1,200 square miles!

If your pup needs a bit of room to roam, take note that the Halo invisible fence is particularly efficient for wider areas; you’ll need no less than half an acre so Fido can stretch his legs.


If you're an ardent traveler who also loves bringing your pup along, then the Halo collar is your ideal companion! This tech-driven tool ensures both safety and flexibility with its smart fence feature that can be set up anywhere without fuss. 

Unlike wired fences that are permanent fixtures in one location, the Halo Collar app makes it easy to create a virtual boundary no matter where life takes you and your pooch!

2 Levels of Prevention Feedback

The Halo dog collar is designed to be humane, providing your pup with a warning before it delivers any shock. If your furry friend gets too close to the perimeter of its boundaries, it will give them feedback in the form of sound, vibration, or a mild static shock – all intended as gentle reminders for good behavior.

If your pup persists, it will send out an alert when it transgresses the boundary - be that sound, vibration, or static shock. That additional layer of deterrence keeps your dog even safer and further away from any danger zones.

The Halo dog collar ensures your pup never steps out of bounds. Unlike many other smart collars, it not only alerts you when they’ve crossed the perimeter but also gently encourages them back into a safe zone. Your furry family member will be securely contained so that their wanderlust won't take them far!

Customizable Feedback

Everyone is unique, pets included. That's why the Halo Collar features adjustable feedback to meet all needs. You can customize sound and vibration modes as well as select from 15 different levels of static correction - ensuring an ideal fit for your pup!

Encouraging Feedback

We know accidents take place and your pup may wander off the designated area. But you don't have to worry about them finding their way back home since there’s no need for stress or anxiety – our system has got it covered!

The Halo dog collar prioritizes positive reinforcement by providing its users with a return whistle or encouraging feedback like ‘Come back home’ and ‘Good dog.’ With this, you can ensure that your pup stays safe even when they wander off!

GPS Tracker

With the Halo collar GPS system, you'll never have to fret again about your pup's whereabouts. Utilizing GNSS technology, it tracks and monitors your dog no matter where it is - inside or outside boundaries – so that you can instantly check on its location anytime!

Never worry about where your pup has scampered off with the Halo app! Easily locate your four-legged friend at a glance, so no more scouring through meadows or streets looking for them.

Activity Tracker

The Halo dog collar is much like the Apple Watch and Fitbit in a unique way - just as these watches are dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on your health, exercise habits, and more; this collar does so for your furry friend. In other words, it tracks all of their activity too!

By utilizing the Halo collar app, you can uncover how many walks your pup has had and how much time they spend being active or lounging around. It may be surprising to discover just how lazy your canine friend really is!

Not only does this help give you an understanding of what your pup is up to, but it can also provide insight into their overall health. With access to the data from these trackers, you can make sure that your dog enjoys a balanced and active lifestyle for optimal well-being!


It's daunting to think you're essentially placing a $1,000 price tag around your dog's neck... We all know how quickly they can demolish their belongings; what if something similar happens with this?

Crafted with robustness and sturdiness that can stand the test of time, your pup's Halo collar is made from an exceptionally durable material resistant to chewing. Even if you have an aquatic pooch, rest easy knowing their Halo collar is fully waterproof too!

Expert Training

Don't expect your pup to grasp the concept immediately - it will take some practice.

To alleviate the training stress for both you and your pup, Cesar Millan designed a 3-week program that provides guidance on teaching your dog to adjust to their new system. The Halo Training Process only takes 21 days for your pooch to become accustomed to its Halo collar and understand its boundaries.

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Pros and Cons of Halo Collar


  • No wires to install
  • Uses GPS/ GNSS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE technologies
  • Better location accuracy – connects to more GPS satellites
  • Nighttime Halo LED for visual tracking on the go.
  • Provides different feedback mechanisms to help you keep your dog safe
  • IP-67 water-resistant rating
  • Battery life average of 21 hours
  • Covers up to 10 square miles
  • Good app with good reviews
  • subscription plans for every budget
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Customer service and tech support
  • Suitable for most breeds


  • Battery life is not as long as other collars
  • Requires monthly subscription
  • Cellular service is necessary for some smart system features
  • Not for very small dogs – minimum neck size is 11” with a minimum weight of 20lbs

Halo Subscription Plans

The Halo collar alone is a costly piece of technology retailing at $999, and to make matters worse, you must also purchase the accompanying subscription plan for it to function.

To facilitate data storage for fences, GPS location services, and activity tracking capabilities, a subscription plan is essential.

With the understanding that additional expenses can be a burden, Halo offers three options to fit various budgets. However, the pricier packages are well worth it when one takes into account all of their added bonuses and perks.


For only $4.49 per month, you can gain access to the basic subscription plan of Halo collar - providing 20 fences with tracking and training possibilities for your peace of mind. With this cost-effective option, get all you need to ensure optimal functionality when using the Halo collar!


Upgrade to the silver subscription plan for just $9.99 per month and enjoy access to exclusive custom features, advanced activity tracking, detailed historical data of your pup's activities, and insights into their reactions when they approach or cross boundaries! With this option, you can take control of your pet’s safety like never before.


By signing up for the gold subscription plan at $29.99 per month, you'll be able to enjoy all of the features and benefits offered in the silver package, plus a few extras. Not only will you gain access to monthly premium classes and live sessions with top-level trainers, but you can also receive expert advice tailored specifically to your training needs. Unlock this exclusive opportunity now!

When you need something that won't break the bank, Basic is ideal for your Halo subscription. Silver unlocks more possibilities and offers a deeper look into your pup's habits. Then there's Gold - it includes top-notch features and specialized training from experienced professionals!

Halo Collar Sizing Chart

The Halo collar comes in three sizes that boast the following approximate measurements:

To ensure the correct size of your pup's Halo collar, be sure to accurately measure around their neck.

Halo Collar Alternatives

Considering the hefty cost of these smart dog collars, it's only natural to wonder if there are any equally effective alternatives on the market that come with a more budget-friendly price tag. Is there an option out there for people who want similar results but don't want to break the bank?

Consider the Halo collar among three different top-notch dog collars, including the Fi Collar, SpotOn Virtual Fence, and Wagz Freedom Collar. This will ensure that you make a wise choice on which collar best suits your pup!

SpotOn Virtual Fence

The SpotOn virtual fence has the potential to offer an array of advantages in comparison with the Halo collar. While the Halo can provide up to 20 virtual fences, SpotOn allows a massive 1,000 overlaying fences; allowing for much more versatility so that you and your pup can explore even farther!

SpotOn’s GPS tracking is exemplary, emitting satellite communication every 6 seconds. This ensures more accurate real-time knowledge than the Halo device which communicates with satellites every 15 seconds.

SpotOn's battery life lasts up to 24 hours, depending on usage frequency. Plus, the subscription plan features an economical 90-day free trial period in comparison with other options.

In comparison, the SpotOn collar may be cost-efficient in the long run, however, it has a price tag of $500 more than that the Halo collar.

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Fi Collar

The Fi collar can save you money and is just a fraction of the price when compared to SpotOn and Halo collars.

Not only is it equipped with a light to allow for easy identification in the dark and can fit various sizes of dogs, but this product also astounds customers by boasting an impressive battery life lasting up to three months!

Despite this, the Fi collar is limited in comparison to its rivals due to a lack of features. While other collars boast an invisible fence option, the Fi only supports GPS technology.

Our thorough comparison of Fi vs. Halo collars offers you an inside look into their key features, making it easier for you to decide which training collar is the right choice for your needs.

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Wagz Freedom Collar

The Wagz Freedom collar is far more cost-effective than the Halo collar, offering a multitude of similar features and excellent battery duration at only one-third of its price.

What makes the Wagz Freedom collar stand out from its competitors is that it does not have a static shock option. For many dog lovers, this feature of the product presents an appealing and unique selling point.

Conversely, some may contend that not having a shock option also renders less control.

Additionally, the Wagz Freedom collar fails to live up to expectations due its lack of waterproofing and training program.

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Is Investing in a Halo Collar Worth It?

The Halo 2+ collar is the epitome of technological innovation for your pooch! 

Initially, reviews revealed issues with GPS accuracy, false alarms, and even a few reports of broken collars. However, Halo took their customers' feedback to heart and created targeted upgrades that were designed specifically to improve these areas. A remarkable product only made more spectacular by its commitment to customer satisfaction!

The Halo collar is a must-have item for all dog owners; keeping your pup secure and safe both indoors or outdoors, in the garden or at the park. With its range of features and enhancements, this collar is an ideal choice to ensure your beloved pet’s protection!

With the geofencing feature, you can keep an eye on your pup from anywhere. Plus, the app's activity tracking will revolutionize their overall health and well-being!

With the Gold subscription plan, you can access top-tier training that is simply unparalleled. But even if you don't opt for this premium package, all Halo customers will benefit from a no-cost 21-day program to help both pet and owner quickly get accustomed to the collar.

Certainly, it's not a cheap investment... but you may be surprised to learn that there are more expensive alternatives on the market. With all its amazing features, this product is worth every penny and then some.

When it comes to your pup's protection, is there really any amount of money too high?

If your pocketbook can tolerate it and you think it could be of assistance to your pup, then considering this may certainly prove worthwhile.

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To help you make an informed decision before investing in a Halo dog collar, this review has all the answers to your questions. You'll be able to provide the best for your beloved pup without any doubts or worries!

The stats are in: over 100,000 pups across America have Halo as their primary protector. Many who rely on this intelligent fence technology and boundary training credit it with saving lives - hence the term ‘life saver’!

What really sealed the deal for us on the Halo collar was not only its advanced technology that allows multiple boundaries and real-time tracking but also the additional training courses that come along with this incredible product.

In conclusion, the Halo collar is an outstanding piece of tech ingenuity. For those pet owners who want to keep tabs on their pup but don't require a physical fence, this expertly designed neckband is ideal! It allows your four-legged friend the freedom they deserve while still adhering to training guidelines.

Before making any decision, be sure to acquire insight from those who have already done it. We hope this has been a helpful guide in your search. For the newest and most accurate information on all of your pet needs, return here often! We included this link to find the latest promotions from Halo. Be sure to visit their official site.







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