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Unveiling the Best Tanning Bed Lotions

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Achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow is a goal for many, but with countless tanning bed lotions on the market, it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your needs. This comprehensive guide unveils the best indoor tanning lotions of 2023, catering to various skin types, tanning goals, and budgets. Dive in and discover the ideal tanning lotion to help you unlock your most radiant, healthy-looking tan yet!

Quick Overview of Top-Rated Tanning Lotions

Let’s briefly touch on the top-rated tanning bed lotions of 2023 before diving into the specifics. These lotions have been carefully selected for their ability to:

  • Keep your skin hydrated

  • Provide a streak-free tan

  • Enhance your natural glow

  • Contains beneficial natural ingredients, such as coconut oil and aloe vera, to keep your skin healthy and moisturized during your tanning sessions.

The best tanning bed lotions cater to various needs, including:

  • Indoor tanning lotions that accelerate the tanning process

  • Lotions specifically designed for sensitive skin

  • Lotions that provide tattoo protection

  • Lotions for achieving a deep tan

  • Organic formulas

  • Lotions with a luxurious feel

The #1 Tanning bed lotion based on the criteria above is: Thats What Sea Said Accelerator

Whether you’re seeking a specific type of tanning lotion, such as one that accelerates the tanning process or provides tattoo protection, or you prefer an organic formula or a luxurious feel, there’s a top-applying tanning lotion in our list that’s perfect for you.

We have personally tested over 50 of the top lotions on the market and these are the ones we can recommend with confidence.

Now, let’s delve into the top tanning bed lotions of 2023 and help you discover the optimal one for your own skin tone, type, and tanning objectives.

#1 That's What Sea Said Accelerator - Best for Indoor Tanning

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  • Accelerates the tanning process

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor tanning

  • Provides tattoo protection and anti-aging properties


  • Might not be suitable for sensitive skin

Those who love indoor tanning will find That’s What Sea Said Accelerator transformative. Its features include:

  • A unique blend of Tyrosines that stimulates melanin production, allowing for faster tanning

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning

  • Offers tattoo protection and anti-aging ingredients to keep your skin looking its best

It is a great choice for a golden tanning lotion.

Not only does this lotion yield quick and stunning tanning results, but it also safeguards your skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, make sure to check the ingredients list for potential allergens or irritants before purchasing. Overall, That’s What Sea Said Accelerator is a top choice for those seeking fast and effective indoor tanning.

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#2 Black Coconut Love - Top Tanning Bed Lotion For Tattoos

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  • Can be used in tanning beds or outdoors

  • Helps achieve a deep tan while keeping skin hydrated and protected

  • Beneficial for preserving tattoos


  • None

Black Coconut Love is the ideal tanning bed lotion for those with tattoos. This lotion offers the following benefits:

  • Helps you achieve a deep tan

  • Keeps your skin hydrated and protected

  • Suitable for use in tanning beds or outdoors

  • Especially beneficial for preserving the vibrancy of tattoos.

Offering both protection and hydration for your skin and ink, Black Coconut Love is an excellent option for those with tattoos. With no cons to mention, this tanning bed lotion is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their tan while keeping their skin protected and their tattoos looking fresh and vibrant.

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  • Provides a deep, dark tan

  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

  • Absorbs quickly and leaves no streaks

  • Pleasant scent


  • None

Millennium Tanning Solid Black Tanning Lotion features:

  • 100x auto-darkening technology for a deep, dark tan

  • Formulated with a blend of bronzing agents and moisturizers

  • Leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated, and glowing

This tanning lotion absorbs quickly into the skin, ensuring a smooth skin streak-free application, and has a pleasant scent that lingers after use. With no cons to mention, Millennium Tanning Solid Black Tanning Lotion is an excellent option for anyone looking to achieve a deep, dark tan that stands out.

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#4 Designer Skin Misbehaved - Best Tanning Lotion for a Luxurious Feel

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  • Provides a deep, dark tan

  • Hydrates and moisturizes the skin

  • Contains anti-aging properties

  • Pleasant fragrance and silky texture


  • Expensive

Enjoy the darkest tan with the luxury of Designer Skin Misbehaved, a high-end tanning lotion that guarantees superior tanning results and a posh feel. This lotion is formulated with advanced tanning technologies, including high DHA, high cosmetic, and high natural bronzers, as well as a 70X Color Frenzy Fusion and microbiome balancer. The result? A deep, dark tan that leaves your skin feeling pampered and luxurious.

Though it comes with a higher price tag, the investment in Designer Skin Misbehaved is well worth it for those who value a luxurious applying indoor tanning lotion experience. Its pleasant fragrance and silky texture make it a top choice for users seeking a high-end tanning lotion that delivers impressive results.

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#5 Tanning Paradise Aloe Black - Anti-Aging Matte Black Bronzer

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  • Enhances natural melanin production

  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin

  • Luxurious texture and pleasant scent


  • None

For a beautiful and natural-looking tan, Aloe Black boosts your skin’s melanin production. This high-quality tanning lotion works to boost melanin production in your skin, resulting in a darker, deeper tan that looks natural and radiant.

The lotion also contains moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin hydrated and nourished during the tanning process. With its luxurious, soft texture, and pleasant scent, Aloe Black is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow that enhances their natural beauty.

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#6 Cocosolis Choco Suntan & Body Oil - Organic Tanning Bed Lotion

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  • Organic formula

  • Nourishes the skin

  • Promotes a beautiful, natural tan


  • May not provide as deep a tan as other lotions

Promoting a gorgeous tan while nourishing the skin, Cocosolis Choco Suntan & Body Oil is an organic tanning bed lotion. It is formulated with:

  • Cocoa butter

  • Coconut oil

  • Shea butter

  • Other natural oils and extracts

This lotion provides your skin with antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and protect it from sun damage and UV rays.

While it may not provide as deep a tan as some other tanning lotions, Cocosolis Choco Suntan & Body Oil is perfect for those who value organic, natural ingredients and a more subtle, natural-looking tan. Your skin will feel smooth and moisturized, and you can feel good knowing you’re using a product free of harmful chemicals.

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#7 Jergens Natural Glow Self-tanner - Best for Hydrating the Skin
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  • Gradual tanning lotion for a natural-looking tan

  • Contains antioxidants and moisturizers to hydrate and nourish the skin

  • Streak-free and even application

  • Quick-drying formula


  • May take a few applications to build up desired tan

  • Scent may be too strong for some people

For hydrating the skin while delivering a gradual, natural-looking tan, Jergens Natural Glow Self-tanner stands out as the best choice. It offers the following benefits:

  • Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, providing moisture and hydration to the skin

  • Ensures a smooth and even tan

  • Lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and dries fast

  • Easy to apply and allows you to go about your day without any hassle.

The only drawbacks to this self-tanner are that it may take a few applications to build up your desired tan, and the scent may be too strong for some people. However, if you’re looking for a tanning lotion that hydrates your skin and provides a natural-looking tan, Jergens Natural Glow Self-tanner is a top choice.

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#8 Ed Hardy Coconut Covergirl - Skin Softening Formula

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  • Tropical infusion of Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Cupuaçu butter

  • Transforms skin to a sultry and sleek softness

  • Velvety, supple, and hydrated skin after tanning


  • None

Leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturized after tanning, Ed Hardy Coconut Covergirl boasts a skin-softening formula. This lotion features a tropical infusion of Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Cupuaçu butter, which helps to transform your skin to a sultry and sleek softness.

The lotion not only delivers smooth skin soft, moisturized skin but also ensures a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. With no cons to mention, Ed Hardy Coconut Covergirl is a fantastic tanning bed lotion for those who want their skin to feel soft and smooth after each tanning session.

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Choosing the Best Tanning Bed Lotion for You

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Having explored the top tanning bed lotions of 2023, we can now share some tips for selecting the ideal lotion for your unique needs.

Selecting the perfect tanning bed lotion becomes easier once you understand your skin type, establish your tanning goals, and consider your budget.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Identifying your skin type marks the initial step towards choosing the tanning bed lotion that best fits your needs. Different skin types may require different tanning lotions, so it’s important to know whether you have:

  • Dry skin

  • Oily skin

  • Sensitive skin

  • Combination skin

For those with dry skin, lotions formulated with moisturizing ingredients can help. Such ingredients include shea butter and coconut oil. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to opt for a moisturizer lotion that is free from any harsh chemicals or fragrances that may aggravate your skin. Natural lotions may be the most suitable option for those with sensitive skin.

Understanding your skin type aids in choosing a lotion that not only yields excellent tanning results but also ensures the health and protection of your skin.

Setting Your Tanning Goals

Your tanning goals play a significant role in guiding your lotion choice. Whether you want a deep, dark tan or a natural-looking glow, different tanning lotions cater to different tanning objectives.

A lotion containing a higher level of bronzer can assist you in achieving a deep, dark tan. Consider using such lotion to get the desired result. Achieve a sun-kissed glow without the synthetic look by using a lotion with a low level of bronzer. Consider an intensifier for more impact. By setting your tanning goals, you can ensure that you select a lotion that delivers the results you’re looking for.

Considering Your Budget

Finally, considering your budget is crucial when choosing a tanning bed lotion, given the significant price variations among products. High-end lotions like Designer Skin Misbehaved may come with a higher price tag, but they offer a luxurious feel and impressive results.

However, there are also more affordable options like Jergens Natural Glow Self-tanner that still provide great tanning results and skin hydration. By considering your budget, you can find a tanning bed lotion that meets your needs without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, finding the perfect tanning bed lotion for your needs is a matter of understanding your skin type, setting your tanning goals, and considering your budget. With the wide variety of top-rated tanning bed lotions available in 2023, you’re sure to find the perfect match to help you achieve a radiant, sun-kissed glow all year round. Happy tanning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does tanning bed lotion work in the sun?

Tanning bed lotions may be used outdoors, however, they offer limited protection against direct sunlight and sun exposure. It is advised to avoid using them in the sun.

What are the benefits of using tanning bed lotions?

Tanning bed lotions help protect the skin while tanning, promote a full and long-lasting tan, and keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. They contain ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the skin and help protect it from the sun's harmful UV rays. They also contain moisturizers that help keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from drying out. Finally, they

How do I determine my skin type for selecting a tanning bed lotion?

Determine your skin type by assessing if it is dry, oily, sensitive, or combination, then select a tanning bed lotion that is suitable for your skin type. Choose a lotion that is specifically designed for indoor tanning beds, as these lotions are formulated to provide the best results. Look at tan lotion, for ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers that will help protect your skin from the UV rays of the tanning bed

What is the difference between a lotion with a high level of bronzer and an intensifier?

A lotion with a high level of bronzer gives a deeper, darker tan, whereas an intensifier provides a bronze tan with a natural-looking glow.

Are there any organic tanning bed lotions available?

Yes, there are organic tanning bed lotions and natural moisturizers available, such as Cocosolis Choco Suntan & Body Oil, which is made of natural ingredients to nourish the skin.

The #1 Tanning bed lotion based on our personal experience: Thats What Sea Said Accelerator

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