Ascension of our Lord - Vaznesenje Gospodnje - Bishop´s upcoming visit

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Jun 9, 2021, 1:12:59 AM6/9/21

St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church

18870 Allendale Avenue
Saratoga, California 95070
V. Rev.  Fr. Vidoslav Vujasin , Parish Priest
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The Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ
Vaznesenje Gospodnje - Spasovdan -

 Thursday June 10th - Divine Liturgy at 8.30 AM 
Please join the Divine Liturgy. The Holy Ascension is a mayor feast of our Lord Jesus Christ and is celebrated every year on the 40th day after Pascha. 

Cetvrtak Jun 10. - Sveta Liturgija u 8.30 AM
Dodjite na Svetu Liturgiju da se pomolimo Gospodu koji se u cetrdeseti dan posle svog Vaskrsenja vazneo na nebo! 

The Ascension of our Lord -
40 Days after Pascha

The Lord Jesus passed forty days on earth after His Resurrection from the dead, appearing continually in various places to His disciples, with whom He also spoke, ate, and drank, thereby further demonstrating His Resurrection. On this Thursday, the fortieth day after Pascha, He appeared again in Jerusalem. After He had first spoken to the disciples about many things, He gave them His last commandment, that is, that they go forth and proclaim His Name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. But He also commanded them that for the present, they were not to depart from Jerusalem, but to wait there together until they receive power from on high, when the Holy Spirit would come upon them.

Saying these things, He led them to the Mount of Olives, and raising His hands, He blessed them; and saying again the words of the Father's blessing, He was parted from them and taken up. Immediately a cloud of light, a proof of His majesty, received Him. Sitting thereon as though on a royal chariot, He was taken up into Heaven, and after a short time was concealed from the sight of the disciples, who remained where they were with their eyes fixed on Him. At this point, two Angels in the form of men in white raiment appeared to them and said, "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into Heaven? This same Jesus, Who is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into Heaven" (Acts 1:11). These words, in a complete and concise manner, declare what is taught in the Symbol of Faith concerning the Son and Word of God. Therefore, having so fulfilled all His dispensation for us, our Lord Jesus Christ ascended in glory into Heaven, and sat at the right hand of God the Father. As for His sacred disciples, they returned from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem, rejoicing because Christ had promised to send them the Holy Spirit.

It should be noted that the Mount of Olives is a Sabbath's day journey from Jerusalem, that is, the distance a Jew was permitted to walk on the day of the Sabbath. Ecumenius writes, "A Sabbath day's journey is one mile in length, as Clement says in his fifth Stromatis; it is two thousand cubits, as the Interpretation of the Acts states." They draw this conclusion from the fact that, while they were in the wilderness, the Israelites of old kept within this distance from the Holy Tabernacle, whither they walked on the Sabbath day to worship God.

Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
Thou hast ascended in glory, O Christ our God, and gladdened Thy disciples with the promise of the Holy Spirit; and they were assured by the blessing that Thou art the Son of God and Redeemer of the world.


Kontakion in the Plagal of the Second Tone

O Christ our God, upon fulfilling Your dispensation for our sake, You ascended in Glory, uniting the earthly with the heavenly. You were never separate but remained inseparable, and cried out to those who love You, "I am with you and no one is against you."

Vaznesenje Gospodnje - Spasovdan 

Vaznesenje Gospodnje slavi Crkva u cetrdeseti dan posle Vaskrsenja Hristovog, kada se Gospod uzneo na nebo i uvek pada u cetvrtak seste nedelje posle Vaskrsa. Posto se Gospod kroz cetrdeset dana iza svoga Vaskrsenja javljao ucenicima govoreci im o Carstvu Bozijem i posto im je zapovedio da se ne udaljuju od Jerusalima no da cekaju obecanje Sv. Duha, izveo je Gospod svoje ucenike do Vitanije, podigao je svoje ruke i blagoslovio ih je, i blagosiljajuci ih uzneo se na nebo. Kada su ucenici sa gore Eleonske gledali na oblak koji je Gopsoda sakrio od njihovih ociju i na nebo, objavise im andjeli da ce isti Isus koji se od njih uzneo na nebo na isti nacin doci, kao sto su ga videli da se uznosi na nebo.

Our beloved Bishop Maxim is visiting our Saratoga parish on this upcoming 

Sunday, June 13th at 10 AM.
Please join the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, and come with your children to receive the blessing
of our Diocesan Bishop.

Nas dragi Vladika Maksim ce sluziti u Nedelju 13. juna u 10 AM. Molim Vas dodjite na Svetu Liturgiju sa svojom decom da primite blagoslov naseg Arhijereja Vladike Maksima!
Dolazak Vladike je velika radost i cast za svaku parohiju! Dobro dosli! 


On Sunday 13th the lunch will be sponsored by our parishioners:
Marko and Zana DUCHICH in memory of their parents.

Last Sunday the lunch was graciously sponsored by
Sanja and Robert PESICH in memory of Sanjas aunts Mirjana Spasic and Nadezda Perkovic.

We thank all previous sponsors for their generosity and ask all parishioners to consider to become Lunch sponsors in memory of your beloved ones. 

If anyone would like to sponsor lunch for any Sunday, please e-mail, call or text Fr. Vido at 503-734-0550 to put you on the list and for the Church announcement.                                
Sponsorship can be done by a family donating $300, to partially cover the cost of food and preparation. 
Thank you! 


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