Meeting February 2, 2023

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Jeff Scheel

Feb 1, 2023, 2:22:58 PMFeb 1
to RISC-V Development Board Program

Our next meeting will be tomorrow Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 12:00 UTC.  Local times:
  • 8 PM China
  • 5:30 PM India Standard Time
  • 1 PM Central European Time
  • 7 AM Eastern U.S.
  • 4 AM Pacific U.S.

The agenda will be a traditional program of program-centric status:
  • Program updates from RISC-V
  • Board and Project updates
  • What's cool?
Any topics, updates, or information can as always either be raised at the beginning of the meeting or by adding it to our agenda document, Dev Board Group Minutes.

Jeff Scheel (he/him/his)
Linux Foundation, RISC-V Technical Program Manager

Jeff Scheel

Feb 3, 2023, 11:50:57 AMFeb 3
to RISC-V Development Board Program
Thanks to all who attended today's meeting for a great discussion around the current program status.  It's getting exciting!  Here are my minutes.  As always, please feel free to clarify, expand, correct, or add to this thread as needed.

Attendees: Jeff, Yu Bo, Wei Fu, Peter, Prasanna, Wei Wu, Heinrich, Axel, Rafel, Andes, Daniel

Board Updates:

  • StarFive

    • Continues to work with Debian.

    • Commercial VisionFive V2 entering the pipeline.  Most are “Sold out” at this time.

Program Updates:

  • Debian

    • Optimistic that upcoming release may support RISC-V

    • Aurien has found Unmatched boards.

  • Fedora

    • Has been working with Sophgo (or also known as "Sophon") on new product (slides)

      • Jinian Lu has applied as individual member and is currently working through the process

      • 2 SOCs: 2-core and 64-core SOC

      • Board in microATX form factor

      • Plan to build servers and developer kit (box)

      • Working on boot flow for the platform

  • SUSE

  • Canonical

  • RISC-V

    • Programs

      • Polar Fire - no progress

      • ROMA laptop

        1. Form remains closed

        2. Still availability issues

        3. Candidate projects notified that still “pending”

      • VisionFive V2

        1. Form closed, but still adding people

        2. Initial project review says ⅔ projects acceptable candidates

        3. Need to solicit number of boards for “regulars” (this week)

        4. Working with Allnet to build kits

        5. Product was “Sold out” as of early this week.

      • ICE-V

    • Project information next steps - where should we document? ** Deferred to next meeting **

      • Contents:

        1. Use cases

        2. Upcoming boards

      • Possible locations:

        1. RISC-V website

        2. RISC-V wiki

        3. Google Groups

        4. Other…

    • Most recent DevBoard Status Report (link) **Email status only**

      • Still looks positive

What’s cool?:

Miscellaneous notes:

  1. I corrected the authorizations such that everyone in the group should be able to edit instead of just comment.


Jeff Scheel (he/him/his)
Linux Foundation, RISC-V Technical Program Manager

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