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beginilah rasanya

Aug 14, 2021, 4:08:14 AM8/14/21
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Book details
Title: Tall, Dark & Heartless (Pyte/Sentinel, #3)
Author: R.L. Mathewson


Book Descriptions: Librarian's Note: Alternate-cover edition for ASIN B007SWLLHE is located here He should have left her and never looked back�....That's not how things played out for Caine, a nearly one thousand year old Pyte, who should have known better. Instead of walking away years ago, he has been watching over the only human who has touched his heart. He stays to protect her, at least that is what he tells himself. When trouble finds her, he knows that he should just cut his losses and walk away, but there is no fighting the hold the child, who has become a woman, has on him. Now they are both paying the price.Danni knows that she isn�t technically a Sentinel and is putting her life in danger every time she goes out on patrol. She isn't worried, she has a job to do. It is the only thing that matters to her anymore and she isn�t going to let it go without a fight. Unfortunately for her, she didn�t foresee her ex-boyfriend selling her out to a Master, being captured, getting locked up and stuck in a room with the cranky Pyte. The same Pyte that broke her heart years ago and wont stop glaring at her as if their little predicament is all her fault.


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