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Welcome the RescueGroups.org API Developer's Group.  We will make API-related announcements in this Group.

We've made a significant v5 API update on 10/13/19 and 1/25/20.  Please remember that the v5 API is in beta and will likely continue to change.

However, we're excited to say that we're already building our own tools on top of the v5 API.  This means that we're getting very close to being production-ready!

After the update you will find a Change Log in the documentation with the major changes (which are also copied below): https://test1-api.rescuegroups.org/v5/public/docs
  • If an attribute or relationship doesn't exist (ie., is null), that element will no longer be returned in the result. This will result in smaller results transfer sizes and make it easier to read and understand result data.
  • Compression (gzip) has been enabled on the API server.
  • All entity meta properties are now returned as entity attributes. Meta is only provided at the top-level of the response data.
  • The top-level meta data now includes more information about the request and results, including a transactionId that can be used when requesting assistance from RescueGroups.org.
  • We're simplifying the API by removing endpoints that weren't being used.
  • Documentation: Endpoints are now grouped so that all endpoints of the same type (eg., animals) are together.
You can view the API documentation here:

If you need account-specific assistance feel free to open a support ticket:

Thank you for your support,