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Openstack deployment using puppet Satyanarayana Patibandla 7/17/15
Re: [Openstack-operators] [puppet] OpenStack Puppet Modules Usage Questions Richard Raseley 7/7/15
duplicate keystone endpoints Matthew Black 6/18/15
Request for Feedback on List Deprecation Richard Raseley 6/16/15
Deprecate this mailing list Emilien Macchi 6/15/15
OpenStack Puppet configuration for HA deployment Cristina Aiftimiei 6/15/15
[puppet] Change abandonment policy Colleen Murphy 6/9/15
Installing Neutron Vendor Plugins Brian Demers 6/8/15
[puppet] Weekly meeting #36 Colleen Murphy 6/2/15
[puppet] Weekly meeting #36 Colleen Murphy 5/25/15
[Puppet] puppet-keystone federation module Iury Gregory 5/25/15
puppet-openstack_zeromq module Harish Kumar 5/20/15
Puppet-OpenStack API providers - Follow up Gilles Dubreuil 5/5/15
[puppet] Weekly meeting #33 Emilien Macchi 4/28/15
[puppet] CI status & proposal for puppet-syntax-future jobs Emilien Macchi 4/23/15
[puppet] Moving forward with puppet-keystone CI (beaker tests) Emilien Macchi 4/22/15
[puppet] [infra] Moving repositories to OpenStack namespace Emilien Macchi 4/22/15
Can we use '$package_ensure=latest' instead of '$package_ensure=present' in puppet-openstack? Akshay Bhandari 4/21/15
[puppet] Weekly meeting #32 Emilien Macchi 4/21/15
[puppet] bug triage day Emilien Macchi 4/20/15
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