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Buczkowski, Debra L.

May 8, 2024, 1:06:27 PMMay 8

Hello Venusians! 


Here are a few new announcements.


  1. Venus session at EPSC – abstract deadline May 15!
  2. GSA abstract deadline June 18






Venus is commonly referred to as the twin planet of the Earth because of their similarities in mass, size, and distance to the Sun. However, the planet has embarked on a distinct evolutionary path that remains a puzzle. Studying Venus not only enhances our understanding of the history and properties of terrestrial planets in our Solar System but also permits for a better characterization of Earth-sized exoplanets.

The key role of Venus in the future of planetary exploration has been spotlighted in recent years, marked by the selection of several new missions, such as EnVision (ESA), VERITAS and DAVINCI (NASA). In addition, other missions are in preparation, such as Shukrayaan-1 (ISRO) and Venus Life Finder (Rocket Lab). This sets off a new era for Venus science and exploration, that will dramatically advance our understanding of the atmosphere, surface, and interior of our sister planet.

"Unveiling Venus from atmosphere to core" aims to holistically address the recent and upcoming advancements in Venus science and technology. We welcome a wide range of contributions from interior modeling, surface investigation, atmosphere research, laboratory experiments, and data analysis that can help us better understand the mysterious history of Venus and prepare us for space missions ahead.


Please submit your abstract here:


Abstracts are due 15 May 2024, 13:00 CEST


We look forward to seeing you in Berlin and online!


Julia Maia, Anne Grete Straume-Lindner, Ana-Catalina Plesa, Solmaz Adeli, Gabriella Gilli, Anne Davaille, Ann Carine Vandaele




GSA Sessions for Venus Abstracts


The Geological Society of America will be having their annual meeting in Anaheim, California (right across the street from Disneyland!) this year, from September 22-25. Although there is no Venus-specific session at GSA this year, the four sessions below are particularly applicable to Venus science. Abstracts are due by June 18 and can be submitted at the link below:



T134. Best Practices and Exciting Discoveries in Identifying, Mapping, and Analyzing Planetary Landforms and Terrestrial Analogues

We invite abstracts that investigate the methodology of planetary and terrestrial landform analysis or that explore methodologies as a means of achieving insight into the evolution of those landforms, with emphasis on Earth Analogue analysis.


T141. Active and Anticipated Science from Planetary Science Research, Programs and Future Flight Projects.

This session welcomes presentations of scientific results from planetary science investigations, including both fundamental research and data analysis from spacecraft missions to other solid bodies throughout the Solar System.


T142. Shake and Bake: Volcanism and Tectonism across the Solar System.

We welcome submissions that compare landforms and processes on multiple bodies, including Earth, as well as how lessons from specific studies can be applied more generally to understanding volcanism and tectonism across the Solar System.


T143. Planetary Geologic Mapping: Discoveries through the Solar System.

We encourage abstract submissions related to geologic mapping of solid solar system bodies, including the terrestrial planets, moons and asteroids, and subsequent analyses, results and discoveries.


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