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ECER 2022

Apr 11, 2022, 11:25:41 AM4/11/22
to ECER 2022
Dear participants,

We have just published the reviews for your submitted paper. Please note that all of the submissions have the possibility to improve the paper and submit it again (at Final Submission) to achieve more points for the final documentation score. The submission for improved papers opens at midnight today (April 12th 0:00) and lasts until April 19th 23:59.

Also, please find the list of accepted papers below. These selected papers should prepare a 10-minute presentation in English, followed by a 5 minute Q&A session. The exact time slot during the student talks session on Tuesday and Wednesday will be announced later this week.

Accepted papers:
  • Botball meets ARIS, a novel Autonomous Robot
    Interface Simulation System
  • Effect of Infrared Light on Line Tracking
  • Driving in a Straight Line accurately
  • The application of nanorobots to cure and prevent brain disorders
  • robo4you-Manager
  • Fighting COVID-19 with the OpenCV Library
  • 3D printed racing cars
Best Regards,
Your ECER 2022 team at PRIA
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