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Phyllis Rubin

Mar 20, 2024, 10:37:57 AMMar 20
to Pasa Community Board
Not sure how it happened but this ad for Enlist herbicides "for your corn/soy rotation" ended up in my inbox. So I thought I'd share it here for those who want to see what your neighbors might be seeing.

It appears that the purpose of the ad is to qualm customers' concerns that repeated use of the same herbicide (2-4D) breeds resistant weeds. 

The folksy salesman's recommendation for fighting this natural phenomenon is applying a variety of herbicides, not just one; as many as 5 different herbicides on the same crop in one season. (Charts are shown, showing sequence and timing.) Throughout, the salesman uses the euphemism "modes of action" instead of "herbicide applications." As you might expect, he does not mention soil health:
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