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Andrew van der Stock

Oct 7, 2020, 10:30:03 AM10/7/20
to Global-board

Hi Board,

I am reviewing the special meeting recording, and I remembered that we have not discussed how to make this happen. There was a rough consensus that:

  • The top 5 Active leaders of chapters and projects will get complementary leadership, but I would like to extend it to committees and events.
  • Foundation must automate the process as otherwise, we will do nothing else every month.
  • Complimentary Membership will be offered after November 1st, 2020, and monthly after that. 
  • Full automation is unlikely by that date, but we will target it by the end of the year. It requires leaders to update their web page, file, and have discoverable activity. 

Additionally, upon reviewing the discussions, there is an element of conflict of interest. I've tried to rule it out entirely by making the effective date November 1st, 2020, and ruling out complementary leadership for Directors. Please do discuss any conflict of interest here or in the meeting. 

This Motion will need a sponsor and a second. 

### Motion to grant complimentary Membership to active leaders

**Background:** At the special Board meeting held on September 12th, 2020, the Board had a lengthy discussion on granting complimentary Membership to active leaders. The Board decided to give complementary leadership to active leaders and clarify honorary membership criteria after some additional debate. The Foundation cannot operationalize comprehensive complimentary Membership without automation. 

**Conflict of Interest Disclosure:** As this Motion grants complimentary Membership to active leaders, to avoid conflicts of interest, Directors may not receive complimentary Membership during their term, and must maintain their paid Membership when it comes due. The effective date is such that it will not affect the current election, and thus Martin Knobloch is not conflicted. During the discussion, please discuss the perceived or actual conflicts of interest. 

** Motion:** "Resolved, the Board directs the Foundation to provide automated complimentary Membership to the top 5 active leaders of chapters, projects, events, and committees, effective November 1st, 2020, and monthly after that. Honorary Membership will become an award made by the Board, and changed to be for five years in recognition of extraordinary service to the OWASP Community. Regional pricing will be made available to all classes of paid Membership.

The following bylaw amendment is required to support this change in membership model:


SECTION 4.01 Membership Classes

There shall be the following classes of OWASP members: Corporate, Individual,

Complementary, Honorary, and Student. 

SECTION 4.02 Qualifications

Individual, Corporate, and Student Membership may be granted to any individual or organization that supports the Foundation's mission and purpose, is in good standing subject to our Code of Ethics, and pays the dues as set by the Board of Directors. The Foundation may, at its discretion, offer monthly, annual, two-year, and Lifetime memberships. Regional pricing is available to all paid membership classes.

Complimentary Membership may be offered on an opt-in and automated basis to the top 5 active leaders of any chapter, project, event, or committee that supports the Foundation's mission and purpose, and is in good standing subject to our Code of Ethics. Complimentary Membership is valid for one year. Leaders do not need to accept any offer of complementary leadership. Complementary members in good standing for 12 months may stand for the Board, but if elected, must maintain good standing with paid Membership. Directors who are eligible through the above criteria must not accept Complimentary Membership during their term and maintain good standing with paid Membership.

Honorary Membership is equivalent to Individual Membership and valid for five years. Honorary Membership shall be determined and approved solely by a majority vote of the Board of Directors for long-standing and extraordinary services to the OWASP Community.

All membership classes are eligible to vote in elections."

Please discuss and amend as necessary. I know Grant had an update, but I think the above motion captures the discussion at the face to face more faithfully.



Andrew van der Stock

Oct 15, 2020, 1:04:09 PM10/15/20
to Global-board, Andrew van der Stock
Hi Board

I've been reviewing the newly revised Membership policy, and it has Honorary Membership as Lifetime rather than five years. This duration (lifetime) was reviewed by the Community Review Process and was well received in the feedback.

I would prefer if we could match that change, and amend the motion in the e-vote with a subsidiary motion so that it alters the words "five years" to become "Lifetime".

As the e-vote has started, if the motion passes (and please do vote!), I will make a subsidiary motion to reflect the change in the complimentary amendments to the new Membership policy.

Let me know what you think.


Richard Greenberg

Oct 15, 2020, 3:09:23 PM10/15/20
to Andrew van der Stock, Global-board
It might make sense to have both category, with criteria being established for each.

Richard Greenberg, CISSP
OWASP Global Board of Directors
ISSA Honor Roll & Distinguished Fellow
President, OWASP LA
President, ISSA LA
(424) 307-4440


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