Call for agenda - OpenXLA Monthly Community meeting June 18, 9-10 am PT

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Aditi Joshi

Jun 11, 2024, 10:50:45 PMJun 11
Hi everyone,

We have our next OpenXLA Community meeting on June 18, Tuesday at 9 am PT. Please add your agenda items to the meeting notes doc by Friday morning, June 14.  Please note the new Google Meet code to join.

🤩Thank you to AMD and Bytedance for contributing to the OpenXLA Community meeting last month. 🤩 Please do reach out if you would like to share with the community your next steps as a result of the great table discussions during OpenXLA Dev Lab in April.  🎉We would love to celebrate your work! 🎉

Thank you so much for being a part of this incredible community.  Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 


Aditi Joshi

Jun 17, 2024, 10:04:03 PMJun 17
Hi folks,

Friendly reminder that our monthly OpenXLA meeting is happening tomorrow, June 18, at 9 am PT.  Please note the new Google Meet  . I sent out a new meeting invite a few weeks ago to this ( email distribution list but you need to accept the meeting invite in order for the meeting to show up on your calendar.  Also, I updated the Google Meet link in our OpenXLA meeting notes doc too.

We have a packed agenda again tomorrow. Here are the topics we will cover (slides link):
  • 🎉JAX and OpenXLA mentions during WWDC's Apple blog post last week 🎉
    • "Our foundation models are trained on Apple's AXLearn framework, an open-source project we released in 2023. It builds on top of JAX and XLA, and allows us to train the models with high efficiency and scalability on various training hardware and cloud platforms, including TPUs and both cloud and on-premise GPUs. "  🤩 - quote from Apple's official Machine Learning Research blog
  • Stable HLO v1.0 + Ops
  • in Cloud TPUs
  • Model Explorer
  • OpenXLA Documentation initiative 
Look forward to connecting tomorrow at 9 am PT with the new Google Meet link,

p.s. A few of you mentioned that you are getting spam emails from Please ignore any invites/emails you may have gotten from my email address. I will look into it.
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