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Thorsten Heinze

Nov 11, 2020, 6:32:52 AM11/11/20
to WTP email list (

Hi together,


according to the discussion, which we had at the end of today’s ONF 5G-xhaul call, I added the following comment to the github issue we discussed:


Classes of the original ONF Core IM, which are documenting the outside-of-the-devices-topology have to be defined in one or several separate UMLs, which get translated into one or several separate YANGs.

These YANGs will augment the YANG of the Core Model, which is retrieved from the devices and solely containing classes potentially relevant to the devices.

It needs to be analyzed, whether the Core Model, which is retrieved from the devices, itself will have to be prepared for augmenting some outside-of-the-devices-topology YANG, which is comprising higher level classes of the original ONF Core IM as for example NetworkControlDomain or SdnController class.


I think solving this issue will become an exciting discussion, but we should potentially postpone it until we solved the issues on the management interfaces of the devices.


Best regards,



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