Proposal for telling the Application, which UUID to be used for configuring a VLAN

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Thorsten Heinze

Nov 26, 2020, 12:50:00 PM11/26/20
to Thomas Seitz, Joerg Janssen, Yaohua (Bruce),, Jurčík Petr, Danilo Pala (External), Michael Binder (External), Spreafico, Daniela (Nokia - IT/Vimercate), Yossi Victor, Martin Skorupski (External), Achim Autenrieth, Stephan Neidlinger,, Mohamed Rozza, Vodafone Egypt,, João José Horta, DANIEL PEREZ CALVO, Alexandru Stancu (External), Thomas Schulze, Felix Fleckenstein (External), Michal Medrala, Grzegorz.Szymczak,, Pawel Krecicki, Jorge Lopez, Leonida Macciotta, Prathiba Jeevan (External), Roland Leisibach, Axel Lauer, WTP email list (,, Andreas Lattoch (External), Tobias Kratzl, Zdravko Stevkovski,, Mohit Chamania, Alok Surve, Lumina Networks, Witold Cegła,, Senthilvel Somasundaram (External), Senthilvel Somasundaram (External), LATTOCH Andreas, Paweł Grzela, Volker Merx, Istvan Vencz (External), Yangxizhe (Jasper), Jörg Weichbrodt, Weiwei (CTD), SAMIER BARGUIL GIRALDO,,, Georg Frank, EDUARDO YUSTA PADILLA, Jan De Ruyter (External), Alexander Bünger,,, shu.zhan,,,,,,,
Hi together,
during yesterday’s 5G-xhaul call the following issue has been raised:
While configuring a new VLAN, a new object has to be created on the Device.
The identifier attribute of this object cannot be empty while instantiation, but the correct value cannot be anticipated by the Application.
I am happy to inform that we could elaborate a proposal for solving this hen-egg-problem within two sessions already.
The concrete proposal can be found here :
Please, prepare for asking your questions, respectively addressing your doubts during next week’s Tuesday and Wednesday calls (or by email at any time).
It would be good, if we could formally decide about the proposal on Wednesday, December 9th already, because the resulting implementation will be required for current S1 use case trialing.
Further on, I would like to indicate that I added a similar issue for creating Layer 1 connections (EthernetContainerFc).
In this case the challenges are slightly different.
The concrete proposal can be found here :
Many thanks for the fruitful discussions.
Best regards,
Thorsten Heinze | Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
Lead Access Network Design
Access Network Technology
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Von: Thorsten Heinze
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2019 13:06
An: Thorsten Heinze; Thomas Seitz; Joerg Janssen; Yaohua (Bruce);; Jurčík Petr;; Michael Binder; Spreafico, Daniela (Nokia - IT/Vimercate); 'Yossi Victor';;; Stephan Neidlinger;; Mohamed Rozza, Vodafone Egypt;; João José Horta; DANIEL PEREZ CALVO;; Thomas Schulze; Lee Cowdrey; Maik Posenauer; Andreas Haack; Andreas Chrissostomidis; Felix Fleckenstein (External);; Grzegorz.Szymczak;; 'Pawel Krecicki';; Leonida Macciotta;; Roland Leisibach; Axel Lauer
Cc:; Andreas Lattoch (External); Tobias Kratzl; Zdravko Stevkovski;; Mohit Chamania; Alok Surve;; Witold Cegła;; Senthilvel Somasundaram (External); Senthilvel Somasundaram (External); LATTOCH Andreas; Paweł Grzela; Volker Merx; Istvan Vencz; Yangxizhe (Jasper); Jörg Weichbrodt; Weiwei (CTD); SAMIER BARGUIL GIRALDO;;; Georg Frank; EDUARDO YUSTA PADILLA; Jan De Ruyter (External); Alexander Bünger;;; shu.zhan;;;;;;;
Betreff: Interface Definitions in the Transport SDN Pilot
Zeit: Dienstag, 24. November 2020 09:00-10:00 (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rom, Stockholm, Wien.
Ort: webEx
This meeting is for discussing the interface definitions to be applied in the Transport SDN Pilot at Telefonica Germany.
! Please, be aware that this call is a public place !
Interface Definitions in the Transport SDN Pilot
Occurs every Tuesday effective Tuesday, 15. January 2019 from 9:00 to 10:00, (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna
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