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Upgrading to Servlet API 3.x wyclif 10:28 AM
Re: Contributing to OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions harshadura 9:37 AM
Configuring the OpenMRS web.xml via a module? Suranga Kasthurirathne 9:01 AM
How to settle the order of custom tabs in patient dashboard Charis 8:52 AM
Feedback on OpenMRS 2.x Installer module Arkadiusz Kołodziejski 7:52 AM
Why does surefire configuration for openmrs-core-api exclude all tests? / test failure Denise Draper 2/27/15
Fw: New version of CIEL dictionary added to dropbox for February 27, 2015 Andrew Kanter 2/27/15
When is it valid to Copy Orders? Geoffrey Wanjala 2/27/15
BLOCKERS in openmrs-core master Rafal 2/27/15
RegistrationApp 1.1 UI element to toggle allowmanualidentifier Craig A. 2/27/15
Handling Multiple Patient Identifiers across the Reference Application Craig A. 2/27/15
spring 4 approach? kris.schmidt7 2/27/15
Adding OAuth Support for OpenMRS FHIR and Web Services Harsha Kumara 2/26/15
Requesting a University call time slot for OpenMRS 2.2 overview Sri Maurya 2/26/15
[Action Required] Release process of OpenMRS 2.2 and coming OpenMRS 2.x releases Sri Maurya 2/26/15
Registration Sprint Complete? David DeSimone 2/26/15
Some Issues with Old password at the .../openmrs/options.form page that may need your vote k-joseph 2/26/15
Fwd: {OpenMRS KENYA} KenyaEMR Bootcamp in Kisumu Application - Reminder Michael Downey 2/26/15
Household module Maimoona 2/25/15
Released registrationcore and registrationapp (to maven, not to module repo) Darius Jazayeri 2/25/15
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