We are pleased to announce the release of Hyrax 1.16.8

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James Gallagher

Jul 29, 2022, 1:06:13 PM7/29/22
to OPeNDAP Inc., opendap-...@opendap.org, ope...@opendap.org, Gallagher James

OPeNDAP is pleased to announce the release of Hyrax 1.16.8. This version of the DAP2 and DAP4 data server is available as RedHat 8 and CentOS 7 RPM packages, Docker containers and source code via GitHub. See https://www.opendap.org/software/hyrax/1.16#SoftwareDownloads for the details.

Hyrax is Open Source.

Below are the changes/updates for this version of the server.

DMR++ Improvements - Direct subsetting access to data in S3

• Various improvements for supporting FillValue in dmr++ lifecycle.
• Improved support for arrays of type String.
• Fixed trusted url bug in DMZ parser.
• Added support for "empty" valued scalars with associated _FillValue metadata.
• get_dmrpp Improvements
• Added support for S3 hosted granules to get_dmrpp

• Support for RHEL8
• Improved the error messages returned to the client
• Refactored get_dmrpp, application. Some test features are still broken but core functionality is working now.
• Improved support for more GES DISC level 3 and level 4 products
• Added coverage the support for the AIRS level 3 and GLDAS level products.
• Patched bug in HDF5Array.cc introduced by the std::vector refactor
• Added time.h header to ppt/SocketUtilities.cc
• Modified fileout_netcdf handler to allow netcdf-3 responses to be up to 4GB in size.
This behavior can be reverted by setting FONc.NC3ClassicFormat=true in the BES configuration
(aka /etc/bes/site.conf file)

• Improved the DAP4 Data Request Form (now the default form for the server)
• Patched bug where unexpected Authentication headers would trigger a redirect loop.
• Fixed the broken service that was failing to deliver flat (not-data) files to clients.
• Made the "Get As NetCDF-3" an "Get As DAP2 Binary" buttons on the DAP4 Data Request Form context sensitive. If the dataset in question contains variables whose data types are found in DAP4 and not in DAP2/NetCDF-3 then the buttons are disabled. A more complete solution is envisioned where the projected variables are assessed and if only DAP2/NetCDF-3 types are selected then the buttons would would be enabled. This fix is only a step in that more dynamic direction.
• Tested on Tomcat-9.0.x

Thank you for your continued support,

The Hyrax development team: Nathan Potter, Dan Holloway, Sam Lloyd, Kodi Neumiller, Kent Yang and James Gallagher

Acknowledgement: OPeNDAP thanks NASA and Raytheon for continued support of the Hyrax Data Server.

James Gallagher


Mike McCann

Dec 30, 2022, 12:59:03 PM12/30/22
to James Gallagher, OPeNDAP Inc., opendap-...@opendap.org, ope...@opendap.org
Hi James,

This is fantastic news. I especially like the option to deploy Hyrax in Docker.

I’ve finally had an opportunity to successfully deploy an on-premises instance and have some technical questions/suggestions.

It seems that https://github.com/OPENDAP/hyrax-docker/issues is the proper place to raise them. Correct?


Mike McCann
Sr Software Engineer

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
7700 Sandholdt Road, Moss Landing CA 95039
Advancing marine science and engineering to understand our changing ocean.

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