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Katrin Ihler

Sep 26, 2023, 12:14:05 PMSep 26
to Opencast Users
Hi folks,

I'm gonna attempt to revive the Review Friday this week. Wish me luck. ;)

There are currently 53 open pull requests for the Opencast project as well as 8 pull requests for the Opencast Editor and 4 pull requests for the new Admin UI. (An overview of all open pull requests can be found at

To get these numbers down, I once again call for participants of the Opencast Review Friday, where we spend the last Friday of the month together to review as many pull requests as we can.

While only committers can merge a pull request, a review can be done by everyone with some Opencast experience. Partial reviews are also welcome! So if you only have time to test, can only review the code, or only want to voice your opinion on a proposed change, you're welcome to do so! (Reminder for committers that all pull requests except for dependency updates and small docs changes also have to be discussed in the weekly technical meeting on Tuesday first before they can be merged.)

This month, we especially need your attention for PR 5172, which will automatically update the search index used by the Engage player and Tobira when changing for example metadata or ACLs for an event. This will affect a lot of adopters, so if you have opinions, questions or concerns, use your chance to voice them now.

There is also a pull request that introduces zoom functionality to the new editor, a feature multiple people have requested.

Finally there is a draft proposing implicit roles for giving users temporary read or write access to specific events without the need to update the ACLs that I'm certain some of you are interested in.

Not a lot of time? Test a dependency update! (PSA: These pull requests are currently not included in the overview of because they do not require approval in the Technical Meeting but they can be found in the view for the respective repositories, e.g. There are also a number of smaller bug fixes open right now.

If you're new to reviewing pull requests for Opencast, one of these two webinars might help you get started: How to review a pull request by Greg Logan (in English), or the second half of Zu Opencast beitragen by me (in German). (Please be aware that some details might be outdated, but they still cover the gist of it pretty well.)

Still feeling lost and don't know where to start, or want some company? Come talk to us in our community chat on Friday at (or shoot me an e-mail with questions). :)

Any help is appreciated!


Heger-Tor-Wall 12
D-49074 Osnabrück
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