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Katrin Ihler

Feb 26, 2024, 2:23:43 AMFeb 26

Hi Savneel,

I don't think this question is in the scope of this mailing list. You might, however, want to take a look at this project:

Additionally, I sincerely hope that the default credentials used in the script aren't actually still configured for your server, because if they are, I would change that asap.



On 24.02.24 11:59, Savneel Kant wrote:

Hi Colleagues,

We have Zoom recordings stored on our local servers that need to be uploaded to Opencast. Previously, we developed and utilized a bash script (attached) to retrieve these recordings for processing, and it was functioning properly. However, due to a change in filename conventions, the script is now unable to read certain filenames. We are requesting assistance from anyone who can review the script and advise on the necessary changes to ensure it can read filenames following these standards:

The script can read filenames in this standard format: LCT-CEB64-1800-19022024-PS However, it cannot read filenames in this standard format: LCT-CEB64-1800-20022024-B-V

These are the only filename standards now in use.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Waldemar Smirnow

Mar 7, 2024, 3:27:28 PMMar 7
Hi Savneel,

I'm not really sure to understood the problem. If the script isn't
working due to B-V filename suffix instead of PV then you have two options:

Option 1: rename the files to match the pattern. Put this line after line 25

for f in *B-V ; do mv "$f" "${f/%B-V/PV}"; done

Option 2: fix the script by replacing B-V suffix with PV in processing:

change line 35 to



Am 26.02.24 um 08:21 schrieb Katrin Ihler:

Savneel Kant

Mar 7, 2024, 3:31:04 PMMar 7
to Opencast Users, Waldemar Smirnow
hi Waldemar/Katrin,

Thank you for the suggestion. I managed to correct it by re-doing the IF ELSE structure. The previous coder who wrote the script used old method. This is resolved. Thanks

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